Fix NFL App Keeps Crashing or Closing on Apple TV when Streaming NFL+ Content

Your favorite team is about to take the field and you’ve got a front row seat thanks to your NFL+ subscription. But as the camera pans across the roaring crowd, dread washes over you.

That pinwheel pops up right as the kickoff flies through the air. Your stream freezes and suddenly – crash! The app quits unexpectedly on Apple TV and you’re left staring at your home screen feeling defeated.

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Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve NFL App Keeps Crashing or Closing on Apple TV when Streaming NFL+ Content

We’ve all been there. But don’t worry, friend. This battle isn’t over yet. With a few troubleshooting moves, we’ll have you back in the action before the half.

First, Try Resetting the NFL App

Uninstalling and reinstalling a troubled app often helps squash bugs causing crashes. It clears out old data and gives you a fresh start. Like taking a deep breath before trying again.

  • On your Apple TV homepage, highlight the NFL app.
  • Press and hold the touch surface on your Siri remote until the icons jiggle.
  • Click the minus “-” icon to delete it.
  • Reinstall a shiny new NFL app from the App Store and login to NFL+.

Hopefully clearing this app cache does the trick!

Update Your Apple TV Software

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Sometimes the issue lies not with the app itself, but the environment it runs in. Like a quarterback struggling on a muddy field.

Make sure your Apple TV operating system is up-to-date. Bug fixes in newer OS versions often resolve glitchy app behavior.

  • Go to Settings > System > Software Updates to download the latest tvOS.
  • Install any available updates and restart your Apple TV.

Now your NFL app has nice fresh grass to play on!

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Sign Out and Sign Back In to your NFL+ Account

Corrupted credentials can throw off communication between an app and streaming service.

Logging out and logging back in rebuilds this connection. Much like a coach pulling a player aside to get them back on the same page before sending them back on the field.

  • In the NFL app, go to settings and sign out of your NFL+ account
  • Fully restart your Apple TV
  • Launch the NFL app again and sign back in to NFL+
  • Try streaming a game again

Hopefully this cleared up any account confusion!

Give That NFL+ Stream a Replay

Sometimes specific videos just don’t agree with an app for seemingly no reason at all. Like an otherwise straight-laced player unexpectedly fumbling the ball.

Before giving up hope, try replaying the specific video stream causing trouble. The app may handle it better on the second go-around.

  • Force quit the NFL app
  • Reopen and navigate back to the problematic stream
  • Hit play and see if it works this time!

Time to Call in the NFL+ Customer Service Experts

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Alright, you’ve tried it all but that pesky app still misbehaves at the worst moments. Third and long with the game on the line. Time to call in reinforcements.

Reach out to Apple support or directly contact NFL+ customer service. Provide details on when and how the crashes happen. The more info you offer, the quicker they can get to the root of the issue.

Here’s hoping they patch things up before the two minute warning! Never forget – a comeback is always possible.

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