How to Fix Apple TV 4K HDR Videos Washed Out Picture Colors, Flat or Too Dark

Imagine yourself watching your favorite series on your Apple TV 4K device. All of a sudden, the face of your male character starts looking too washed out in the video, making him look like a ghost, even if you’re not watching a horror show!

Washed-out, flat or too-dark picture colors on videos are unfortunately a common complaint among many Apple TV 4K users, especially when High Dynamic Range (HDR) or Ultra-HD (UHD) content is concerned. While you might be tempted to just shrug off the problem and hope that it gets fixed on its own, it can ruin your watching experience and spoil your viewing.

How to Fix Apple TV 4K HDR Videos Washed Out, Flat or Too Dark Picture Colors Problem

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To make sure that you won’t get distracted by the picture quality of your Apple TV 4K HDR ever again, here are a few tips and tricks you can try:

Start With a Restart

Now, this may sound a bit no-brainer but sometimes, a restart is all it takes to fix minor issues or glitches with any device, including your Apple TV. All you have to do is restart the device, and disconnect its power cable from the wall outlet for one minute before plugging it back in. Play something on the TV to check if you fixed the problem. You can skip the rest of the steps if the picture returns to normal already. 

Try Switching to 4K HDR 30Hz Mode

If the restart didn’t solve the issue, try to switch to 4K HDR 30Hz mode if you don’t like to compromise on picture quality. Simply go to the options labeled “Video and Audio” in the Settings app. 

Set Your TV To 4K HDR and Switch On Match Content

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Launch the Settings app and proceed to Audio and Video. Go to Format and choose 4K SDR. Navigate to Settings and then Audio and Video and look for the Match Content option. 

Enabling these two options will fix the washed-out quality of pictures on your Apple TV. Just take note, however, that making the switch to 4K SDR or Standard Dynamic Range means you will no longer use HDR.

It means that content will be shown in SDR, which might require some getting used to if you have always watched everything in HDR. The good news is that the picture quality will no longer look too dark or washed out. 

If the issue persists, the next steps might fix it. 

Use a New HDMI Cable

Poor picture quality may also be the result of a defective or damaged HDMI cable. Replace it first and check if it fixes the problem. 

Give Your Apple TV The Latest Update

Sometimes, the hardware may not the culprit for a low-quality picture. The issue may also be due to a system glitch or software bug. Make sure your Apple TV is updated to the latest version to get rid of bugs and get system improvements. 

Launch the Settings app and proceed to System, Software Updates, and Update Software. Click Download and Install if there is an available update. Restart your TV after the update and start watching high-quality HDR content again.

You don’t have to just settle for washed-out or too-dark colors on your Apple TV. Simply follow the steps above and enjoy the best high-definition viewing experience all over again!

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