How to Download Movies & TV Content for Offline Viewing on MGM+ App

Enjoy MGM+ content without being connected to the internet! Learn how to easily download videos of movies and TV shows to watch offline on the streaming app with this guide.

Selecting Content to Download Offline on MGM Plus App for iPhone or Android Phone

The first step to downloading content for offline viewing with the MGM+ app (formerly Epix) is to browse the selection and select what you would like to save. Once you’ve chosen your content for offline consumption, click on its cover icon, bringing up a list of options to choose from: stream now, save for later or download now.

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Download and Install the MGM+ Android or iOS App

In order to download content offline on MGM Plus, you must first have the app installed on your mobile device of choice.

To install MGM+, click the “install” button for either iOS or Android in the upper right corner of the app store.

Follow their directions specific for your operating system on how exactly how to install the application if it is not already pre-installed on your device.

Downloading Offline Movies & TV Show Episodes on MGM Plus

Once you’ve installed the MGM Plus app on your iPhone or Android phone and decided which titles you want to download for offline watching, all you have to do is choose “Download Now” from the pop-up menu that appears after you choose a title to start the download right away.

Depending on your connection strength, this may take some time – but once it has finished downloading, it can be watched as many times as desired without having data or WiFi internet connectivity.

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Explore More Content

When you successfully have some items downloaded onto MGM+, their algorithm will start suggesting more titles that they think might interest you based off of what you have previously downloaded and watched since installing their app in house curated collections titled “Synonyms” and “Discovery”. 

Through these two collections alone, MGM+ users get endless possibilities for new content available for streaming that goes beyond just random words found through search engines – making watching even faster without ever leaving the app itself! 

How to Manage your Offline Downloads on MGM Plus

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Once logged into the MGM Plus app, there are several tools available to help you manage what (if any) is available on your downloaded offline content list. Titles are downloaded and saved locally onto your device hard drive or SD card storage so that internet connectivity isn’t necessary when wanting to watch something in particular at anytime.

Feel free to switch between which ones designated local storage versus cloud are streaming dependent solely upon individual user preferences! 

Create Lists & Share with Friends

MGM+ makes it easy for users to compile their own personal lists by tagging movies & tv series they wish they’d already seen or are currently within progress.

You can share and make it both publically visible indicators & smaller personal groups such as family members. You can only share with those on your invitation access list, avoiding spoilers outside of everyone else’s view!

Take Advantage of your Offline Viewing Sessions

Last but not least, once everything desired has been fully pulled down from server portal sources nestled deep within whatever browser platform is preferred or utilized. Accessing all purchased titles for download via quick and convenient swipe left and right motions. 

Just sit back, relax, kick those feet up, and grab something tasty from the nearby snack area because direct online streams are no longer required around here, knowing no matter what.

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