Fixing Paramount Plus Web Browser Video Playback Error Code 4201, 1200 & 3301

If you want to explore more content when streaming online, an excellent option is Paramount Plus. You can find TV shows and movies from years before or new series that will give you a different kind of thrill. But with all the excitement in watching on Paramount+, it becomes frustrating when you encounter issues and the service is not working.

Some users will see an error code when they play a title on Paramount Plus via their web browser. These playback error codes include 4201, 1200, and 3301. If you face the same problem on your web streaming using your mobile phone or computer, you can resolve it with several solutions below.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Paramount Plus Browser Playback Error Code 4201, 1200 & 3301

Video playback errors on the Paramount+ platform happen when there are interruptions with your Internet network signal. In other instances, there is a problem with the server or your web browser. Whatever the cause of the error on your Paramount+ streaming, try to follow the troubleshooting methods and workarounds we have listed below to fix it.

Restart your Web Browser

The simplest way to troubleshoot an error is to restart your web browser. Close the Paramount Plus website and exit your browser. Please wait for a few minutes before rebooting it. Now, load up the Paramount+ website and try to play a movie.

Perform a Power Cycle on your Streaming Device

  • Exit all running apps in the background.
  • Power off your device and unplug your router and modem.
  • Wait for at least 3 minutes before you plug them back in and connect to the Internet.
  • Power on your device and relaunch your web browser.
  • Go to the Paramount+ website and play a title.

Turn Off AdBlock in your Web Browser

  • For Google Chrome, go to the upper right corner of your browser and click the AdBlock icon. Make sure to do this when you are on the Paramount Plus website.
  • Select Don’t run on pages on this domain.
  • Click Exclude.
  • Refresh the Paramount Plus page.
  • If you are using Firefox, click the menu icon.
  • Select Options.
  • Navigate to Privacy and Security.
  • Go to Permissions.
  • Uncheck the box next to Block Pop-Ups Windows.
  • For the Microsoft Edge browser, click the More actions button.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Click Cookies and site permissions.
  • Look for pop-ups and turn them off.
  • Do the same with ads.
  • Click the Add button.
  • Enter Paramount Plus to allow pop-ups.
  • If you use the Safari browser, click Safari in the upper left corner.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Click Extensions.
  • Look for AdBlock and toggle the button to Off.

Switch to a Different Web Browser

  • Exit your current browser and open a new one.
  • Go to the Paramount Plus website and log in to your account.
  • Check if you can play a video.

Update your Web Browser

You may have overlooked new updates for your web browser. Try to install the latest version of your browser and check if it resolves the error or not. Go to the About section of your browser under Settings or Help. Check if there are new updates and install them. Restart your browser.

What did you do to fix the video playback error when streaming on Paramount+? You can tell us in the comment section below.

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