How to Fix Spectrum TV Error Code WLI-1027 or WPC-1005

Dealing with error codes on your Spectrum TV? Getting frustrated when you can’t access certain programs or features? Don’t stress – Spectrum error codes WLI-1027 and WPC-1005 are common, but can be fixed with a few troubleshooting steps.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to resolve error codes WLI-1027 and WPC-1005 on Spectrum TV. Follow these tips and you’ll be streaming your favorite shows again in no time.

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What Does Error Code WLI-1027 Mean on Spectrum TV?

First, let’s cover what WLI-1027 means. This error indicates your Spectrum TV box is having issues syncing time with Spectrum’s servers.

It’s often displayed when you try to access On Demand or TV Everywhere content. WLI-1027 pops up because your box’s time doesn’t match the correct time on Spectrum’s end.

Don’t worry – we can sync your system time to fix WLI-1027.

Fixes for Spectrum Error Code WLI-1027

There are a couple steps you can take to resolve error WLI-1027 on your Spectrum TV:

  • Check your system time – Make sure the date and time on your Spectrum box is accurate. If it’s off, update it to the correct time.
  • Reinstall the Spectrum TV app – If you’re accessing Spectrum On Demand through the mobile app, uninstall and reinstall the app. This can clear up software issues.

Let’s look at both solutions more closely:

Solution #1 – Verify Your System Time

Error WLI-1027 happens when your system time doesn’t match Spectrum’s time. Here’s how to check:

  • Go to Settings on your Spectrum TV box.
  • Select System > Time.
  • Compare the time shown to the actual current time.

If your Spectrum box displays the wrong time, use the menus to update it to the right time. This sync issue is what’s causing WLI-1027.

Solution #2 – Reinstall the Spectrum TV App

If you’re trying to access On Demand through the Spectrum TV app, reinstalling the app can help:

  • Delete the Spectrum TV app from your mobile device or streaming player.
  • Redownload the Spectrum TV app and log back in.
  • Try accessing On Demand content again.

Reinstalling can clear up software bugs causing sync issues and error WLI-1027.

After checking system time and reinstalling the app, error WLI-1027 should be cleared up. Try accessing On Demand again.

What Does Error Code WPC-1005 Mean on Spectrum TV?

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Now let’s go over error code WPC-1005. This error occurs when you’re trying to access or modify parental controls for your Spectrum TV service.

WPC-1005 indicates there’s an issue validating your account permissions when making parental control changes.

Luckily, there are a few straightforward ways to troubleshoot and fix error code WPC-1005.

Solutions to Fix Spectrum Parental Control Error Code WPC-1005

To get rid of error WPC-1005 when modifying parental controls, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Confirm your account permissions – Make sure you’re logged into an account with admin or primary permissions.
  • Switch user profiles – Try a different profile associated with your Spectrum account if multiple exist.
  • Re-login to your Spectrum account – Log out and back in to reset any temporary glitches.
  • Wait and retry – If it’s a temporary server error, wait a bit and try again later.
  • Check for Spectrum service updates – Monitor Spectrum’s social media or forum pages for any reported issues.

Let’s explain each fix in more detail:

Solution #1 – Verify Your Account Permissions

Parental control changes often require an account with admin or primary permissions. Double check that the profile you’re logged into has proper access.

Switch to the primary admin username and password for your Spectrum account if needed.

Solution #2 – Try a Different User Profile

Do you have multiple profiles within your Spectrum account? Try switching to a different profile, especially the primary profile.

Sometimes other profiles don’t have the authority to modify parental controls due to restrictions.

Solution #3 – Re-login to Your Spectrum Account

In some cases, logging out and back into your Spectrum account can reset minor technical glitches causing WPC-1005.

Completely log out of your Spectrum TV service, close the app, and log back in with your credentials. Then test modifying parental controls again.

Solution #4 – Wait and Retry Later

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WPC-1005 can occasionally occur due to temporary server-side problems on Spectrum’s end. The error might clear up if you wait a bit and try again later.

Give it some time before testing parental control changes again. A brief wait can bypass transient server issues.

Solution #5 – Monitor Spectrum for Service Updates

Check Spectrum’s social media pages and community forums for any notices about known issues with parental controls or TV service. Ongoing maintenance work and outages could also trigger WPC-1005 temporarily.

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