Fix Unable to Uninstall/Delete Fire TV Stick or Firestick Apps

Having trouble removing apps from Amazon Fire TV Stick? Get frustrated when trying to delete apps only to find the “Uninstall” option greyed out or missing?

You’re not alone! Luckily, there are a couple methods you can use to fix app uninstall problems on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Firestick device. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to remove pesky apps again.

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Why Apps Won’t Uninstall on Fire TV Stick

Before diving into the fixes, let’s look at why some apps won’t uninstall normally on the Fire TV Stick:

  • The app is preloaded by Amazon and can’t be removed fully
  • App permissions are restricting the uninstall
  • The app has updates pending installation
  • System glitches or bugs are preventing uninstall
  • Insufficient storage space on the Fire Stick

Best Solutions to Fix Unable to Uninstall or Remove Amazon Fire TV Stick or Firestick Apps

Luckily, the uninstall issues can usually be resolved with a few simple troubleshooting steps.

Method #1 – Uninstall from Apps Menu

The quickest way to uninstall apps on a problematic Fire TV Stick is using the Apps menu:

  • Press and hold the Home button on your Fire Stick remote
  • Select Apps from the menu
  • Highlight the app you want to remove
  • Press the Menu button (three lines icon) on the remote
  • Choose Uninstall from the right side menu
  • Confirm Uninstall again in the pop-up

This forces the app uninstall process and often resolves any glitches blocking removal. Try method 1 first when unable to delete apps normally.

Method #2 – Uninstall via Settings

You can also uninstall apps on a Fire TV Stick through the Settings menu:

  • Go to Settings on your Fire Stick’s home screen
  • Select Applications > Manage Installed Applications
  • Locate and select the app you want to delete
  • Choose Uninstall on the app’s details screen
  • Confirm Uninstall again to remove the app

The Settings approach also triggers a force uninstall that can fix issues deleting apps.

Extra Troubleshooting Tips for Uninstalling Apps on Fire TV Stick

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If you’re still unable to uninstall apps via the methods above, here are some other things to try:

  • Restart your Fire TV Stick to clear any software glitches
  • Double check the app is not preloaded by Amazon
  • Free up storage space – lack of space can block uninstalls
  • Factory reset Fire TV Stick to wipe all apps if needed

Getting familiar with the Apps menu and Settings uninstall options will save you hassle whenever apps misbehave on your Fire TV Stick.

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