How to Fix Volume Buttons Stop or Not Working on Apple TV Remote

The Apple TV remote is a surprisingly nice piece of hardware. It’s easy to use, comfy to hold and does its job most of the time. Unfortunately, despite this, the Apple TV remote is still prone to issues that can make it unusable.

It can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you’re just trying to watch something.

The remote that comes with Apple’s set-top box malfunctions typically because of a hardware issue, in which case the remote needs to be replaced. Either that or the battery needs to be recharged using the included Lightning cord.

Sometimes, though, only the volume buttons stop functioning. It’s a bothersome glitch that occasionally appears. Still, thankfully Apple has made it possible to restart remote controls for Apple TV devices to restore full functionality.

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We’ll be guiding you through this process, so if you’re facing this issue, read on to find out more.

Ways to Troubleshoot Apple TV Remote Volume Buttons Not Working

This guide is written for the Apple TV remote, but if you have a Siri remote with the same issue, this will work for that too. It’s pretty easy to follow, so just precisely everything we’ve written below, and you should find your remote back in working condition soon.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the guide.

Perform a Restart on your Apple TV Remote 

  • Hold down the volume down button and TV/Control Center button. 
  • When the status light on your Apple TV begins blinking off and on, keep holding the buttons down for around 5 seconds.
  • Let go of the buttons.
  • The Connection Lost notification will appear on your TV screen after waiting 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Wait for your Apple TV remote to finish restarting.
  • Once the Connected notification comes up, things should be working again as usual.

Make Sure to Charge your Apple TV Remote 

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  • Your Apple TV remote may be simply out of battery.
  • In this case, simply charge your Apple TV remote with a Lightning cable.
  • Once it’s charged, turn on the Apple TV remote.
  • Hold down the volume down button and TV/Control Center button.
  • Once the Connected notification comes up, things should be working again as usual.

Now that you’ve followed all these steps, you should be back to using your Apple TV remote once again. It’s a shame that they can bug out like this, but thankfully the fix is pretty simple. For more tips and tricks like this, stay tuned!

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