How to Fix Can’t Update or Change Disney Plus Payment Method Issue

Disney Plus is a premier streaming service that hosts a sprawling catalog. From classic Disney movies and shows to iconic Fox series like The Simpsons, there’s really something for every type of viewer. As one of the top options in the world, many users tend to select Disney+ as a top option among the many streaming services. Besides, the registration and renewal process is easy enough, right? Well, not quite. You see, Disney Plus has its own fair share of problems, and some users have reportedly encountered an issue where the service refuses to accept payment details.

If you’re facing this issue, know that it can come up in different ways. Sometimes it’s a bug, other times it’s a problem with the payment information you provided.

How To Troubleshoot Disney+ Not Accepting or Updating Payment Method Problem

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Getting rid of this issue requires a fair bit of effort on your part. Yet, you’ll be glad to put in the time because getting past this problem leads you to full access to the complete Disney+ experience at your fingertips.

For the solutions, we’ve provided options that mainly focus on trying new things to get to the real issue and hopefully bypass it.

Log Out And Log In Again to your Disney Plus Account

  • Go to your homepage and head to the top-right corner with a D+ logo.
  • Tap on the Gear Icon to switch to Settings.
  • Click on Log Out to be back on the log-in screen.
  • Enter your account details to sign in.

Try A Different Debit Card as Disney+ Payment Method

Getting access to Disney+ requires a solid debit card payment system. Therefore, you should ensure that you are cleared with your bank before using it for online purchases. Ensure that you have enough funds in a card before attempting to subscribe. Also, the credit card that you are making the payment with must be valid in your country.

If your current debit card doesn’t meet the criteria, you’ll have no option but to use a different payment method.

Verify And Re-Enter Your Disney Plus Account Details

The account used for Disney+ is one that you should pay close attention to. Do the following:

  1. Log in to your Disney Plus.
  2. Click on your Character Icon at the top-right of the screen.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Go to the slots for payment details and carefully enter the information according to what is written on your bank card/account.
  5. Pay for the subscription.

Create A New Disney+ Account

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While this option seems to be more extreme than most, it’s still a viable choice when you consider just how frustrating it is to not have access. With a new account, you can skip any unknown issues related to your region or email address. Instead, enter your payment details, sign up and gain full access to the Disney Plus catalog.

Disney+ can have some frustrating moments for users, but as long as you’re willing to follow this guide, the error in question won’t pose a problem for you.

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