How to Get HBO Max $9.99 Ad-Supported Subscription Plan Tier

HBO has been a household brand for TV networks featuring some of the best movies and original shows. With the popularity of streaming services in the past years, WarnerMedia launched its streaming platform called HBO Max last May 2020.

Subscribers of HBO Max enjoyed some of its best TV series like Band of Brothers, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Friends, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, and Six Feet Under. The ad-free subscription offered its users a premium experience and added customizations just like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Recently, WarnerMedia announced its new addition to the HBO Max subscription price tier. Users who want to enjoy the same premium user experience on HBO Max regular ad-free plan can now join the wagon without spending too much. Now, HBO Max will have its ad-supported tier, a limited ad subscription plan that has a lower monthly cost than the ad-free plan.

What is the New HBO Max’s Ad-Supported Subscription Price Tier

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HBO Max’s ad-supported subscription plan will include the same personalization and features of the ad-free version. Users will enjoy the same sophisticated video player, kids platform, parental controls, and other customizations. The only difference between the ad-supported and the ad-free tiers is the presence of advertisements.

According to WarnerMedia, the HBO Max ad-supported pricing tier will have the lightest ad load. That means that it will offer ad loads in a shorter period compared to other streaming services like Peacock and Discovery Plus. Even if you see an ad, it will take up a few minutes or less per hour than other services.

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HBO Max with ads also comes with three different formats for advertisers. The Brand Block allows brands to own their content block. The Pause Ads will appear when users pause the program. The Branded Discovery will show as users browse through the library. The last two ad forms will be added soon after the new price-reduced tier is launched.

HBO Max Ad-Supported Plan: Price and Launch Date

The current HBO Max ad-free subscription plan is priced at $14.99 per month, while the new HBO Max with ads will cost $5 less at $9.99 per month. WarnerMedia said that it will roll out the new tier to all its subscribers in the first week of June 2021.

HBO Max will also launch in 39 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America later in June 2021. Streaming services branded by HBO in Europe will also upgrade to HBO Max this year.

How to Subscribe to HBO Max Ad-Supported Subscription Plan

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To get started on HBO Max with ads, go to and create a streaming account. Select the HBO Max with the ads subscription plan and add your payment method.

With the roll out of HBO Max advertisement-supported tier, users can stream original series like Friends: The Reunion, Legendary, reboot of Gossip Girl, Search Party, and And Just Like That.

Are you subscribing to the new HBO Max ad-supported price streaming plan? We are curious to know your thoughts, so drop your answers in the comments below.

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