How to Add HBO Max, Showtime, Starz Youtube TV Bundle for $5 Less

If you are using YouTube TV and want to add more to your viewing content, Google has a good offer for you. Now, users can enjoy a new package that comes with a subscription to three streaming platforms namely; HBO Max, Showtime, and Starz. Aside from the added titles all in one bundle, YouTube TV is also offering it for a lower price.

To avail of the HBO Max, Showtime, and Starz entertainment bundle offer, all you need to do is pay $29.99 per month. That is a $5 savings compared to individually subscribing to all three streaming services. In one year, you will get a total savings of $60.

If you apply for HBO Max alone, you will need to pay $15 per month. For Showtime, it is $11 a month and $9 monthly fee for Starz. Adding them all three will set you back $35.

How to Get & Subscribe to HBO Max, Showtime, and Starz Bundle on YouTube TV

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To access the new entertainment bundle offer, you can go to your YouTube app or access on your browser. Go to the Settings of your profile and select Membership. From there, you can get the bundle and add it to your account.

You will enjoy the discount if you want to stream all three on your YouTube TV. There are also other premium channels as YouTube is open to partnerships with other streaming companies. For instance, YouTube and ViacomCBS are partnering, giving users more channels like Comedy Central, BET, Paramount Network, MTV, CMT, and Nickelodeon.

However, YouTube TV also increased its monthly cost. Instead of paying $49.99 per month, users will now have to pay $64.99 monthly. With the added titles comes a price to pay. You can stream more than 85 TV channels on YouTube TV. It includes popular channels like CBS, Disney, Animal Planet, ESPN, HGTV, ABC, CNN, E, NBC, Food Network, The CW, and Freeform.

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Google also announced that it is soon adding 4K content to YouTube TV, thereby, justifying the price hike. It would mean that you can now stream Ultra HD film titles and live TV content on your subscription. Now, that might be worth the added cost to pay.

Do you think the new entertainment bundle on YouTube TV is worth it? You can tell us what you think by writing a comment below.

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