How to Use, Activate & Turn On or Off Gallery Mode on LG Smart TV

Are you trying to find a way to turn your LG Smart TV into an interesting art gallery? When your TV is not in use, you can display stunning images and artwork with LG’s Gallery Mode feature.

Your TV can be more than just a place to watch your #1 shows and movies with Gallery Mode. It can also turn into an eye on its own. We will look at how to use and activate LG Smart TV’s Gallery Mode in this blog post.

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How to Get or Navigate to the Gallery Mode on LG Smart TV

You need to first navigate to your LG TV’s home screen in order to activate Gallery Mode.

  • On the home screen’s QuickTap bar, choose the App tab to continue.
  • Open the Art Gallery by choosing it from the menu.
  • With your TV remote, you can choose the pictures in the My Themes gallery once you’ve entered the Art Gallery for simple navigation.
  • The moment you click OK after selecting an image, the image will be displayed in full on the screen.

Steps to Activate LG Smart TV Gallery Mode

Just activate Gallery Mode by doing the actions listed above. You can select the kind of images that are shown on your LG Smart TV if voice control is enabled.

When you activate Gallery Mode on your TV, beautiful paintings and photos will be displayed, giving the impression that you are in a professional art gallery in your living room or bedroom.

How to Turn Off or Disable LG Smart TV Gallery Mode

  • Press the Home/Smart button on your remote.
  • Choose Settings from the bottom-left menu.
  • Then select Option, and finally select Initial Setting to disable Gallery Mode.
  • To proceed, please provide a password. It is usually 0000 or 1234 if your TV is brand-new.
  • The TV will then return to its factory settings if you choose Yes to accept the disclaimer’s terms.
  • Instead, you can just leave the Art Gallery by clicking your remote’s Back button.

What LG Smart TVs is the Gallery Mode Available

It is important to note that not all LG Smart TV models feature Gallery Mode. By consulting the user manual or getting in touch with LG customer care, you can determine whether your TV includes this feature.

If Gallery Mode is not supported by your TV, you can still use it as a conventional TV or experiment with other functions.

Benefits of the Gallery Mode on LG Smart TV

Image credit by LG

Your LG Smart TV offers a number of benefits when you use the Gallery Mode.

  • First of all, it gives your living area a touch of refinement, enhancing its fashionable and sophisticated appearance. When your TV is not in use, you can show lovely images and artwork to give your home a more attractive appearance.
  • Second, Gallery Mode enables you to take in art from the comfort of your own home. Without needing to go to art galleries or museums, you can appreciate the beauty of art using Gallery Mode. Whether you want to show off traditional paintings, modern art, or nature photography, Gallery Mode provides a huge selection of pictures.
  • Thirdly, LG Smart TVs stand out from other TV companies because to Gallery Mode, a special feature. The Gallery Mode function is ideal if you want to separate out from the crowd and show off your passion for art.

With Gallery mode, you can turn your TV into an eye-catcher and impress your guests with your unique fashion sense. Get in contact with LG’s support staff or read the TV’s manual to find out how to utilize all of the Smart TV’s extra features.

LG Smart TVs are a flexible gadget for all of your entertainment needs thanks to a variety of features like voice control, gaming mode, and app support. Hope this helps!

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