How to Fix Crunchyroll Error Code med-1, med-20, 1005 or 114

Crunchyroll is a fan-favorite place to watch anime, manga, and drama. Sometimes it can let users down.

For example, they might see error codes on Crunchyroll such as med-1, med-20, 1005, or 114. Sounds annoying, right? Sure it is.

Best Tips to Resolve Crunchyroll Error Code med-1, med-20, 1005 or 114
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Crunchyroll error code 1005 will give you the “Access Denied” error message.

Best Tips to Resolve Crunchyroll Error Code med-1, med-20, 1005 or 114

But don’t worry, this blog will guide you to solve these issues on Crunchyroll!

Check the Crunchyroll Service Status

When you get Crunchyroll’s error codes, what should you do? The starting point is checking Crunchyroll’s service status.

Why is this important? This is because Crunchyroll could be in the middle of a maintenance break. Or perhaps they’re experiencing an unexpected glitch.

If this occurs, nothing much you can do to resolve the error code you got when you attempted to enjoy some fun videos from your app.

You can take the initiative to be in the know about Crunchyroll’s current operation status.

How? It’s simple – check the Crunchyroll service status.

But you might ask, where can I check this? You have various ways. You can check through the Crunchyroll status page.

But if that’s not your thing, you have an alternative – Crunchyroll’s official Twitter handle. It gives real-time updates.

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Add Crunchyroll as an Exception to Your Antivirus Software

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Sometimes, error code med-1 shows up. Why? It’s because your computer might be avoiding the Crunchyroll server.

Odd, isn’t it? This might occur as your antivirus software could be blocking your connection.

But here’s how you fix it. Simply create an exception in your antivirus program for Crunchyroll.

Each antivirus software could have different steps to do this. Still, no worries! The basic idea remains roughly the same for most.

It’s usually found in the settings or preferences menu. You should look for a section where you can include the URL or IP address of the websites or servers. That’s it. It could be your quick fix.

Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

Bumping into the med-20 error code? This is often the result of your browser cache and cookies acting up.

The good news is that the solution could be simple too! Clearing out your browser cache and cookies could set things right.

Here is the easiest way to get this done:

  1. First, go into your browser settings.
  2. Find the “Privacy and Security” area.
  3. Look for a button or option that says “Clear browsing data.”
  4. Check “Cached images and files” along with “Cookies and other site data.”
  5. Hit “Clear data.”

Done? Go ahead and test Crunchyroll again! Opening up Crunchyroll should now be error-free!

Temporarily Disable Your VPN Service

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Ever get stuck with a pesky 1005 error code? Your VPN could be the culprit.

Try this trick: Pause your VPN for a bit. Disable it just for a while and see if it smoothes things out.

How to turn off your VPN? Your VPN provider will have those instructions. Typically, you’ll find an easy way to disable the VPN. A button or an option in the settings menu. Just click, and you’re done.

Reaching Out to Crunchyroll Customer Support

Tried it all but still hitting a wall? The Crunchyroll support team is there to help. They handle such things every day. They can offer extra steps to patch things up. If needed, they might even loop in their tech team!

And reaching them is simple. Go to the Crunchyroll support page. Submit a ticket or use live chat. They’re there, ready to assist.

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