How to Find & Use the Netflix Mystery Box Shuffle Feature for Kids

Are you tired of listening to the same songs and dialogues when your kids watch Netflix on TV? Kids love watching different animations, but they will always go back to their favorites. So, even if you do not watch the TV shows or movies, you end up memorizing the lyrics and lines just because you hear the content each time they watch a rerun.

Now, Netflix has a solution for you! The streaming giant launches a new kids feature that will bring mystery and fun to your children’s bingewatching every time. Netflix rolls out the “Mystery Box” content shuffle feature that simply acts as a new mystery box where there is a surprise inside.

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How Does the Mystery Box Shuffle Button on Netflix Work?

If you are familiar with the Netflix Play Something feature, the Mystery Box works the same. There is new and old content that you can discover inside the mystery box feature, those that you have not watched before. All you have to do is click the shuffle button to discover new content.

Kids will have a fun time discovering new videos and maybe finding a new favorite they can watch. It will be like opening a gift box but on TV. It also works well if they are having trouble deciding what to watch next or no longer want to watch reruns.

How Does the Mystery Box Shuffle Button on Netflix Work
Image credit by Netflix

How to Find & Use Netflix Mystery Box Content Shuffle Feature on Kids Profile on your Streaming Account

It only takes a few steps to start unboxing the Mystery Box on Netflix. Here’s how to find and use the shuffle feature on your kid’s profile in your streaming account.

Find & Use Netflix Mystery Box Shuffle on Kids Profile
Image credit by Netflix
  • First, navigate to your Netflix kids profile.
  • Go to the Favorites Row.
  • Look for the Mystery Box icon. It will be a sparkly question mark icon.
  • Hover over the icon to launch mystery titles.

That’s it! Your kids will enjoy clicking the shuffle button to check out new titles now and then. Perhaps you will also love unboxing it yourself!

What do you think of the Mystery Box content shuffle tool on Netflix? Is it helpful for you? We value your opinion! You can tell us in the comment section below.

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