How to Update or Change Payment Method in Discovery Plus

The Discovery Network has officially entered into the streaming space earlier this year through Discovery+. With a lot of new users signing up for the free trial, it’s only natural to ask, how do you change or update your payment information on Discovery Plus?

Today, we will be discussing in detail how you can update your billing information on the new streaming platform. There are a lot of possible reasons as to why you would want to change your payment details. For some users, it might be changing from a credit card to payment services like PayPal. Others, however, might have a newly activated credit card with the old one expiring. Whichever the case may be, it is important to keep your payment method working to avoid any interruptions in your Discovery Plus subscription.

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Changing your billing details is essential to continuously enjoy binge-watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Discovery Plus. The process is different, depending on where you subscribed for a streaming account. For most users, signing up through the official Discovery Plus website was the easiest way to get an account. Find how you can change payment methods through the web below.

Update or Change your Discovery Plus Billing Information through the Website

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  • Go to and sign in with your account details.
  • Open the dropdown menu by choosing the top-right icon on your device screen.
  • Select Account in the resulting dropdown menu.
  • In the Payment Details section, look for “Billing” and choose “Update”.

Please note that this process can only be done on the Discovery Plus website and not on the app. However, if you subscribed for the service through the payment mode on your mobile phone or another streaming device that supports the Discovery+ app, you can update your billing information from there.

For instance, if you purchased your subscription through Apple via the App Store, you can change your details of payment on your Apple account or contact them directly. A similar case applies if you signed up through Google Play, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Verizon, Samsung smart TV, or Xbox console.

That’s it! If you still need further assistance in updating your billing information, you can always contact the Discovery Plus customer service support at

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