How to Fix Discovery Plus Not Working, Keeps Crashing or Pausing on Roku

Discovery Plus, a veritable treasure trove of eclectic content – from gripping reality TV to enlightening documentaries and exclusive original shows – has steadily gained recognition among the sea of streaming aficionados. Yet, like all digital edifices, it isn’t immune to hiccups: unexpected crashes on apps, persistent freezing, and maddening pauses on gadgets, to name a few.

Though these snags can ruffle feathers, the good news is they’re typically straightforward to iron out. In this primer, we’ll illuminate efficient stratagems that can get Discovery+ back on track on your Roku gizmo.

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Roadmap to Diagnose and Address Discovery+ Hiccups on Roku and Fix the Not Working, Keeps Crashing and Pausing Issue

Assess Your Internet Connectivity

The finicky nature of Discovery Plus could be a side effect of an unsteady or subpar internet connection. Validate your Roku gadget’s connection to a robust, high-speed internet conduit.

If it’s found lacking, consider rebooting your Wi-Fi router or reverting to a hardwired Ethernet linkage, should one be accessible.

Reboot Your Roku Device

A garden-variety solution to many a tech impasse is a Roku device restart.

  • Venture into ‘Settings’,
  • Go to ‘System’,
  • Select ‘System Restart’ on your Roku gadget to perform this quick fix.

Refresh Discovery+ App

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Keeping the Discovery+ app current is non-negotiable, as updates frequently harbor bug exterminators and issue rectifiers. Launch your Roku home interface, spotlight the Discovery Plus channel, engage the ‘*’ key on your controller, and opt for ‘Check for updates’.

Reinstall Discovery+ App

If the bugbear persists, contemplate purging and reinstalling the app.

  • To implement this, spotlight Discovery+ on the Roku home interface, engage the ‘*’ key on your controller, select ‘Remove channel’, and affirm.
  • Following the app’s ejection, reboot your Roku gadget, then resurrect the Discovery Plus channel via the Channel Store.

Inspect Roku Software Updates

Roku gizmos regularly receive software refurbishments to enhance performance and eradicate glitches. Voyage into ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System Update’ > ‘Check Now’ to certify your Roku software is fresh off the press.

Reset Your Roku Gizmo

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As a last-ditch effort, if the preceding stratagems bear no fruit, mull over executing a factory reset on your Roku gadget. Note, however, that this will erase all personalized preferences and data. This can be accomplished by journeying to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘Advanced system settings’ > ‘Factory reset’.

The majority of woes associated with Discovery+ on your Roku gadget should yield to the aforementioned troubleshooting maneuvers. Should the conundrums prove tenacious, consider petitioning Discovery Plus or Roku’s customer service for added help.

Keep in mind that most streaming hitches are fleeting and usually succumb to a smidge of unpretentious troubleshooting. Revel in your uninterrupted streaming escapade with Discovery+!

Note: Always ensure your device and applications are up-to-date to enjoy the best possible streaming experience and avoid most technical issues.

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