How to Start & Use Amazon Prime Video Watch Party with Friends

It is so much fun when you are watching your favorite movies or TV shows with your friends or family. The thrill of reacting to different scenes at the same time while sharing food can create memories. But, if miles away sets you apart, Amazon Prime Video has a solution for you.

Instead of waiting for the time to meet up with your friends and watch movies together, you can use and set up a Watch Party instantly right at the comforts of your homes. Amazon Prime Video offers you the Watch Party feature where you can stream movie or TV show titles online with up to 100 of your friends.

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How Does Amazon Prime Video Watch Party Work

The Amazon Prime Video Watch party is available to all users who have an Amazon Prime membership. You can select from thousands of movies and TV shows for co-viewing streaming, including Amazon Originals. For you to start an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party, everyone must decide on what title to watch. Then, each participant should buy or rent the title whenever necessary.

You can stream a Watch Party video on any supported device. The Amazon Prime Video Watch party is available on Amazon Fire TV or Firestick devices and the Prime Video app launched on Android phones and iOS mobile devices. You can also start a Watch Party on desktop computer web browsers except for Safari and Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, you cannot add anyone who is not a Prime member to the watch-together party participants. Also, you cannot start or join Watch Parties to watch movies or TV series if your Amazon account is from another country.

How to Start or Set up an Amazon Prime Video Watch Together Party with your Friends

  • First, decide on the title that you all want to stream together.
  • Open the title detail page.
  • Look for the Watch Party button or the Party Hat icon and select it.
  • Go to Chat as and enter your preferred username.
  • Click the Create Watch Party button.
  • Using the generated link, you can share your Watch Party with friends via messenger or social media.

How to Join a Movie Watch Party on Amazon Prime Video

  • To join an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party, click the invitation link.
  • Go to Chat as and enter your username.
  • Click Join Watch Party.

What title do you plan to watch together with your friends on Amazon Prime Video soon? You can share your answers with us below.

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