How to Use Apple SharePlay & Watch Shows on Hulu & ESPN+

Technology brings us closer even when we are miles apart. Video calling lets you talk to your loved ones or friends in real-time. Now, you can upgrade your video calling and create a more intimate experience with Apple SharePlay.

The new Apple SharePlay allows you to share your screen with your friends and family during FaceTime video calls. You can watch movies together, co-view any content on your screen, listen to music, or check out your social media updates. It bridges the gap created by long distances and makes you feel closer by doing things together.

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With Apple SharePlay, you can even watch your favorite TV series on Hulu or co-watch love sports on ESPN+. The SharePlay watch together party feature is now available on the Hulu app for users to co-view the shows or movies with up to 32 people they want. One month before the arrival of SharePlay on Hulu, Disney also brought the feature support to the ESPN Plus app, making it its first time to offer sharing options on live sports TV.

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How to Start Using Apple SharePlay to Watch Movies & TV Shows on Hulu and ESPN+ Together with Friends

The Apple SharePlay co-viewing feature is available on iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, and macOS Monterey 12.1. You need to check your iOS device if it is running on the latest software version. If you are still on the previous version, you can update your device by navigating to System Preferences and selecting Software Update. Make sure to backup your device to avoid losing anything when something wrong happens.

Apart from your iOS device, you also need to install the latest update on your Hulu or ESPN+ app. Go to the App Store and look for these apps. Click or tap the Update button if available.

Using the SharePlay feature is easy. Here’s how to go about it.

  • When you start a FaceTime call with your friends or family, you can open the Hulu or ESPN+ app.
  • Next, tap the Share button.
  • Then, select SharePlay.
  • You can now co-view movies, TV shows, or live sports.

What do you think of the Apple SharePlay feature on Hulu and ESPN+? We value your opinion, so please write one for us below.

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