How to Use Multiple Profiles Feature for Crunchyroll Premium Members

Have a blast customizing your profile as Crunchyroll launched multiple profile features for all premium members! Instead of cramping all your favorite Anime shows in one profile, you and your entire household can have your separate personalized profiles.

Adding and Managing Multiple Profiles on your Crunchyroll Account

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Crunchyroll started rolling out the multiple profiles feature to premium members last April 22, 2024. The feature enables each premium account to create up to five separate profiles.

What’s in it for you? If you have a different favorite anime character or show, you can personalize your library and recommendations according to your preference. No need to share differences in one setting. But, you can stream your TV series together at the same time with your own profile.

Plus, you can also select your own profile avatar from different characters from more than 30 anime series and your own background. Premium users also have different mature content access or added parental control.

How to Create a New Profile on your Crunchyroll Streaming App?

Image credit by Crunchyroll
  • On your account, go to your avatar.
  • Choose Switch Profile and select Add New.
  • Enter your profile name and username.
  • Edit your avatar and background.
  • Now, hit Save.

Wrapping Up!

Crunchyroll’s multiple profile feature is available only to premium members in all countries where Crunchyroll is streaming. It is also available to all devices except for Nintendo Switch and Roku.

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