How to Fix Crunchyroll Error Code p-dash-5 or med-41009

Oh no! You were just trying to watch your favorite anime on Crunchyroll when suddenly you got hit with a weird error code like “p-dash-5” or “med-41009”.

Not cool Crunchyroll, not cool. But don’t worry my anime loving friend, this guide will help walk you through some troubleshooting steps for Crunchyroll to hopefully get you back to watching anime in no time.

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Best Fixes for Crunchyroll Error Code p-dash-5 or med-41009

First Things First – Check Your Internet Connection

I know it’s obvious, but make sure your internet is actually working properly.

  • Try loading up some other websites or doing a speed test.
  • If Netflix or YouTube aren’t working either, then your internet is likely the issue. Contact your ISP or try resetting your router and modem.

Crunchyroll needs a decent internet connection to stream all those high quality anime episodes to you.

Is Crunchyroll Down? Verify Crunchyroll Server Status

Sometimes the issue isn’t on your end, but rather Crunchyroll’s servers have problems.

  • Check their Twitter or Facebook pages for service updates.
  • You can also use websites like DownDetector to see if others are having issues with Crunchyroll.

If it looks like a widespread outage, just hang tight until Crunchyroll resolves the problem.

Clear Crunchyroll App Cache and Data

Image credit by Crunchyroll

An easy troubleshooting step is to clear the Crunchyroll app cache and data. This forces the app to ditch any corrupted files or settings and start fresh.

  • On Android, go to Settings > Apps > Crunchyroll > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • On iOS, delete and reinstall the app.

Restart Devices

Did you try turning it off and on again? No seriously, a simple restart of the Crunchyroll app or your device can solve error codes and other odd issues.

This is especially helpful if you’re using a game console or smart TV. Just close the app and restart it or do a full power cycle of your device.

Check Language Settings on Crunchyroll

An incorrect language setting in the Crunchyroll app can sometimes lead to strange errors.

  • Go to the settings and make sure your language is set correctly for your region.
  • If it’s already correct, try toggling it to something else and back again. This may reset things to work properly.

Contact Crunchyroll Customer Support

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If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and are still getting error p-dash-5 or med-41009, it’s time to go to the source.

The Crunchyroll support team may be able to provide specialized help or diagnose the problem on their end. Be sure to provide details like your username, error code, and any troubleshooting steps you’ve tried.

I know dealing with errors like these can be super frustrating when all you want is your anime fix. But hopefully these troubleshooting tips will get Crunchyroll working for you again.

And if not, Crunchyroll’s support team should be able to pinpoint what’s causing the pesky error codes. Hang in there – you’ll be watching anime again in no time!

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