What is VIZIO Features & What are the Curated Content or Channels Included

If you want more free content to stream on VIZIO, then you are in for a treat! The smart TV company is adding a new section to its home screen that will add more titles to your binge-watching weekend.

The VIZIO Features will showcase a curated collection of titles from various channels across different genres without a cost. These movies and TV shows are available on the WatchFree+ offering on VIZIO.

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List of New Free Curated Channels Available on VIZIO SmartCast TV Features Section

If you are a VIZIO SmartCast TV user and you want to know what new channels are in store for you, check out the list below. You can find exciting fresh content in Home + Food, Movies + TV, Gaming + Anime, Crime, and Interests + Lifestyle.

New Channel: FEAR

Do some movies give you the creeps? If you love the chill running down your spine and the heart-pumping suspense, then Fear is the perfect channel to satiate your hunger for terror.

Fear is now the number one horror channel in the horror Sci-Fi category in VIZIO.

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New Channel: FORK & FLIGHT

Watching food and travel will give you a craving for gastronomic adventures that will satisfy your palette. Indulge in the breathtaking views from the travels and trips featured in Fork & Flight. What’s more, culinary spectacles will add the cherry on top and make you wanting for more episodes.

Food & Flight is one of the top food-based channels that you can stream on VIZIO WatchFree+. You can look forward to its holiday specials soon.


If gaming is closer to your heart, Gamernation will bring you much love. With Gamernation, you can find more video games and e-sports shows where you can learn from the experts and get to know gaming influencers.

Gamernation will also feature some of the top gaming publishers, such as Studio71 and Complex. You can even dive deeper into the Metaverse with original shows, films, and news updates.

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Bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you and discover the world of real crimes and mysteries in the Investigation channel. Viewers will explore doors that will take you deep in the world of investigations and explorations. You can even go behind the scenes on these crimes.

Investigation is now one of the top three channels that you can stream on WatchFree+ on VIZIO.

New Channel: MISSION

Get ready to take flight and embark on an exciting sci-fi adventure as the Mission channel will take you on an exploration. You will unlock other realms that have been a mystery in the world of science. 

Mission is now one of the top ten channels under the Sci-Fi category in VIZIO.

New Channel: POLARIS

Check out interesting stories from various personalities in different industries in Polaris. You can unearth tales from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and dig deeper into the world of Hip-Hop and Black culture.

Which new curated channel interests you the most to watch on VIZIO Features? We would love to know your reasons. You can write them down in the comment section below.

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