How to Add, Install & Watch Kodi Content on Roku Devices

If seeing everything in one place is all you need for the ultimate entertainment experience, then Kodi is the perfect place for you. Not just movies, TV shows, and games, but Kodi lets you access music, photos, websites, and more. The Kodi app covers everything you need on just about any device.

Kodi is open-source streaming software that focuses on providing better home entertainment for its users. It is free to use and can be modified by using different sources. Users can customize their Kodi interface or add features and builds.

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But, don’t get Kodi wrong! It is not like your typical streaming service where you sign up for its content. Kodi does not have any original or licensed content to offer users. You don’t need to subscribe to a monthly plan to use it. Kodi is simply a platform that allows you to crossover your media to your desired devices.

For instance, you want to stream your photos on your smart TV. But, it is not possible given the limited features of your device. With Kodi installed, you can access your photos via the Kodi app or channel on your streaming media player or smart TV.

So, can you watch or stream Kodi content using your Roku devices? The answer is yes. But, how? Let’s find out!

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Can you Download & Install Kodi App or Channel to Stream Content on Roku TV or Media Players?

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To add and watch your video, music, or image content from Kodi via your Roku TV and streaming devices, you will need to enable the screen mirroring feature. As of now, you cannot download and install the Kodi app directly on a Roku device. But, you can use and set up the screen mirroring feature to cast and get access to the Kodi platform from your computer or mobile device to Roku. Here’s how to do the workaround:

  • First, you must enable the Screen Mirroring feature on Roku.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu of your Roku device.
  • Select System.
  • Click Screen Mirroring.
  • Choose Screen Mirroring Mode.
  • Select Prompt or Always Allow depending on your preference. 

Now, you can begin to use screen mirroring on Roku. You can use the Smart View or Cast feature on your Android device to play the Kodi content on your Roku device or any wireless projection on your Windows 10 PC.

What do you think of the Kodi home theater software? Is it something that you want to use on your Roku players and smart TVs? We value your opinion, and we love to hear them! You can write to us in the comment section below.

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