How to Add & Watch Starz or Showtime on Amazon Prime Video Channels

There is so much to watch on Amazon Prime Video. But, if you can get more content, why not right? Amazon Prime Video has thousands of titles that you can stream at any time you want. It has Amazon originals that you can only watch on the streaming platform exclusively.

But, if you opt to stream from other third-party apps, you can access outside content without leaving your Amazon Prime Video app. How is it possible? Amazon Prime Video gives you the Prime Video Channels.

You can subscribe and bundle other streaming services and entertainment channels through the Prime Video Channels. Amazon Prime Video has over 150 channels that you can add to your Amazon account. That means there is no getting out of the Amazon Prime Video app if your streaming preference for the moment is found on the other apps. You get the convenience of signing up for a subscription and watching anything you like in a few seconds interval.

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Now, you can add Starz or Showtime channel to your Prime Video Channels! With these two popular streaming services we used to love on cable television, you can watch original and exclusive TV shows and movies on top of your Prime Video content. Find out how you can sign up for a subscription plan and add any of these two platforms to your Amazon account in the steps below.

How to Sign up for Free Trial Subscription and Add Starz or Showtime Channel to your Amazon Prime Video Account

Starz and Showtime channels have made their way into the hearts of many users with their exciting and unique TV shows and series accessible only on their respective platforms. Adding and bundling them to your Prime Video Channels subscription will extend your content reach and give you a more enjoyable streaming experience. Please note that you need to pay an additional cost for the rate of your add-on channels. The price varies depending on the streaming plan or channel you want to be subscribed to.

How to Sign up for Free Trial Subscription Add Starz Channel to your Amazon Prime Video Account
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  • Launch Amazon on your browser. Sign in to your Prime account.
  • On the top right corner, click Account & Lists.
  • Select Your Prime Video.
  • Choose Channels.
  • Browse through the channels and look for Starz.
  • Click to open the app details page.
  • To subscribe, click the Start your free trial.
  • Confirm your account details.
  • Click the Start your free trial button.
  • To subscribe to Showtime, follow the same steps above and look for Showtime when browsing Amazon’s list of add-on channels.

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Once you start the free trial, Amazon will charge you based on the channel’s monthly fee. A monthly subscription for Starz is $9 per month with a one-week free trial, while Showtime is $11 per month with a week free trial.

Which channel will you add next to your Amazon Prime Video Channels account? What made you subscribe to that channel? We would love to hear your opinion! You can write them below.

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