How to Manage Users & Add Profiles on Amazon Prime Video

Convenience is one of the best assets of Amazon Prime. Aside from its successful global marketplace, Amazon also effectively penetrates the streaming industry. Now, you can add an Amazon Prime Video subscription to your Prime account and stream trending original titles that you see online.

You can make things better for you and your family when you use Amazon Household. It lets you set and share the benefits of being a Prime member with your loved ones, including teens and children. You and another adult over 18 with your respective Amazon account can share the benefits and manage other user streaming profiles.

With Amazon Household, you can add up to four teens and four children to your Amazon Prime. The advantage is to regulate the activities of your children when using Amazon. Teens can shop and stream that the adults know about, while children can only access their kid’s profile and not the Amazon marketplace. Learn more about this program here.

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Now, you can extend sharing by creating multiple profiles for different users on your Amazon Prime Video account. Amazon Prime Video allows you to add up to six (6) profiles, with the first one as your default profile. You can even choose several additional profiles as Kid’s profile and you can switch back and forth between profiles easily.

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How to Create and Manage Multiple User Profiles for the Family on your Amazon Prime Video Account

Adding separate profiles for everyone on your Amazon Prime Video subscription will personalize each user profile based on watch history and preferences. There will be varying recommendations for TV shows and movies. You can have a customized Watchlist showing content based on what you love to watch.

So, how can you create, delete, or manage multiple user streaming profiles on Amazon Prime Video? Check out the steps below.

Add and Manage User Profiles on Amazon Prime Video via the Amazon Prime Website

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • At the upper right corner, click Profile Picker.
  • Select Add new.
  • Enter the profile name.
  • If you want to manage the profile, click Manage Profile.
  • Select Remove profile to delete it. 
  • Click Edit Profile to make any changes.
  • Now, click Save changes.

Add or Delete a User Profile on Amazon Prime Video through the Streaming App on your Mobile Device

  • Launch the Amazon Prime Video app on your Android phone or iOS mobile device.
  • At the bottom, tap My Stuff.
  • Select the profile name.
  • Now, tap Create a profile.
  • To remove or change a profile, tap Manage Profile.

How many profiles are you currently using on your Amazon Prime Video account? You can share your story with us in the comment section below.

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