How to Add or Create & Manage Kids Profiles on Amazon Fire TV

Kids love the seemingly endless content they scroll on Amazon Fire TV. They get to discover new shows while also doing reruns on their favorite episodes on different streaming service platforms such as Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix. However, many parents worry about their child’s exposure to other content that is not appropriate for their ages. Fortunately, Amazon Fire TV has a Kids Profile control feature that you can set up and use.

What is Amazon Fire TV Kids Profile and Parental Controls

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If you worry about your kids scrolling down on inappropriate shows on Amazon Fire TV, you can switch to the Kids Profile. You have parental control over what your children are watching or streaming on Fire TV. You can monitor the TV shows that they stream and choose to add or remove titles that you find inappropriate.

Amazon Fire TV Kids Profiles also allow parents to create a PIN or security code. Before your children or younger family members can watch a show or access the app, they will need to enter the PIN first. You also have the option to reduce their screen usage.

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How to Create or Add an Amazon Fire TV Kids Profile

Setting up the Kids Profile on Amazon Fire TV is easy. Follow the steps below to know how to add one for your child and learn how to manage it.

  • Launch the Amazon Fire TV app.
  • Click your Profile icon.
  • Choose Add profile.
  • Click New Profile.
  • Look for the question, Is this a kid’s profile. Toggle it to Yes.
  • Enter the information needed.
  • Allow Parental Controls.
  • Now, you can select the apps or titles that you want your kids to watch.

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Manage & Control Titles on your Child’s Amazon Fire TV Kids Profile

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You can also add a title later on after setting up the kid’s profile. If you discover a new show that your kids love, you can add it anytime you want on their profiles.

  • Launch the Fire TV Settings.
  • Go to Account and Profile Settings.
  • Click Kids Settings.
  • Choose the profile you want to add the content.
  • Click Add Content.
  • Now, you can manage the title list under the Kids Profile.

Amazon allows you to create up to six kids profiles. You can customize each Kids Profile differently, depending on the wants and ages of your children.

The Amazon Fire TV Kids Profile is available on Fire TV Stick Lite, Firestick 3rd generation, and Fire TV Stick 4K. You can also create a Kids Profile on Amazon Fire TV 3rd generation.

How many Kids Profile are you planning to create on Amazon Fire TV? We would love to know your story! Kindly share it with us below.

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