How to Cancel or Pause your Audible Subscription using a Mobile Phone

You no longer need to set aside time to read a book because of Audible from Amazon and similar services. You may listen to any text; whenever you want, anywhere you have access to an audiobook. It is very helpful when traveling or being stuck in a traffic congestion.

How to Cancel Listening to Audiobooks on Audible using an iPhone or Android Mobile Device

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Unfortunately, it is impossible to cancel your Audible subscription plan from your Smartphone alone. Nothing about your membership account will change if you remove the Audible app from your phone. The canceling feature is also not accessible through the Android or iOS apps.

To cancel your subscription account and stop listening to Audiobooks and podcasts altogether, you must access the Audible website from a desktop or laptop computer. Of course, you can access Audible’s website via your browser on a desktop computer if you want to do it from your phone. You can cancel your subscription in such a situation, but not as easily as from a computer.

Cancelling Audible Subscription or Membership Plan Over the Phone with Amazon Customer Service

Calling customer support is the most effective approach to cancel your Audible subscription or membership plan over the phone. Make sure you are prepared with your Audible login information before calling them.

Call 1 (888) 283-5051 to speak with a customer service agent. Inform them that you wish to terminate your Audible subscription, and they will walk you through the remaining steps. Once finished, Audible ought to send you a confirmation email. Please do not delete the email since it proves you have successfully canceled your membership.

Call 1 (206) 577-1377 if you reside outside the United States. Please be aware that there will be fees associated with international calls. If you reside in the United States or Canada, you can call the toll-free number 1 (888) 283- 0332 to speak with Audible Customer Support in Spanish. Dial 1 (206) 922-0156 to place an international call, but be prepared to pay some fees, as we already mentioned.

How to Request a Callback from Audible Customer Support

In addition, you can request a callback from the Audible Customer Support staff. Follow the steps listed below to do this.

  • Using the browser on your computer, navigate to the “Talk with Customer Service” page. is the website’s link.
  • Choose your country from the drop-down menu when the website initially appears. Please be aware that the callback option is only available to Guam, and Puerto Rico residents, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the United States, and Canada. Use the above phone number to contact customer care if you reside outside these nations.
  • Your phone number should be entered in the subsequent fields.
  • Click Call Me Now or Call Me in 5 Minutes after that, and then wait for them to call you.

How to Pause your Membership Plan in Audible

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You have the option of pausing your Amazon Audible membership or subscription in place of canceling.

The steps below to pause your Audible membership plan:

  1. On the Audible desktop website, go to the Account Details page.
  2. Click “Pause Membership” in the “Membership details” box at the bottom.
  3. To pause your Audible membership, follow the on-screen directions.
  4. You must contact Audible Customer Service if you can’t halt your membership through self-service (as I was – see screenshot below) or if you don’t see an option to do so. You can contact us via phone, chat, or email. It took five minutes to halt your Audible membership by chatting with customer support.
  5. When everything was finished, Audible gave you an email stating that my membership had been on hold.

Was this guide helpful? Were you able to cancel or pause your Audible subscription easily? Tells us what you think in the comments section below.

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