How to Contact Vizio Customer Service Team via Phone, Chat or Email

Getting a piece of the TV market may seem almost unimaginable for a newcomer like Vizio, especially with big names like LG, Samsung, and Sony already dominating the industry.

However, since its 2002 launch, Vizio has been doing exactly just that the company introduces high-performance techs with budget-friendly price tags.

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Being the maker of the number one sound bar and top-selling 4K HDR TVs in America, with a consistent appearance on the lists of the bests, Vizio undoubtedly knows not just its products but even more so its consumers and target market.

One more aspect where the Vizio brand does excel well is none other than their customer support. Vizio offers several easy and simple ways to reach out to its support team for inquiries or if you’re seeking help for issues on your smart TV or soundbar. If you want to talk to an actual agent, you can just visit their Contact Us page on the official website. If support is closed by the time you reach out to them, you can also ask for a callback from one of the Vizio agents. 

The support hours of operation of Vizio Customer Support Team are:

  • 7 am-11 pm CST from Monday to Friday for chat, SMS, and phone
  • 7 am-8 pm CST on Saturday and Sunday for SMS, chat, and phone

How to Contact Vizio Customer Service Team via their Phone Number

To contact the customer service group and user support team at Vizio if you are calling from Canada or the US, just dial 844-254-8087. For users calling from Mexico, you can dial 844-324-5953. You can use this channel or the other channels below for warranty claims, service repairs, technical support, as well as general product inquiry.

Contact Vizio Customer Service Support Team via Chat

If you prefer to contact customer support via chat, all you have to do is provide your first name and last name, email address, and phone number. For the team to assist you better, you also need to know and provide the serial number or model of the unit that you are emailing them about.

Contacting Vizio Customer Support Team Using Email

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You can also try to send a mail to [email protected] email address with your concerns regarding their products or services. However, this method is not always recommended for some reasons. The customer service representatives who receive emails from customers reply to the messages in their inboxes on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

It means that if hundreds of customers sent an email before you, you might need to wait for a few hours before you receive a response. While the department is open 24/7, you might also have to wait until the next business day for a reply if you sent your email late at night. 

Contact Vizio Customer Service & Technical Support Team through Text Message

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Yes, you can also simply use your mobile device to get assistance from the customer service support team at Vizio. All you have to do is text a short description of your issue or concern to 205-301-3729. 

However, take note that this number only accepts SMS or MMS messages. Voice calls are not accepted. Data and message rates may also apply. 

Vizio’s efforts to keep up with other bigger brands are evident with the different customer service channels they made available to their consumers. You can contact the company’s support team via phone, chat, email, or text.

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