Download & Install Discovery Plus App to Watch Shows on Vizio Smart TV

There is so much to discover on TV when you can browse channels and see what surprising TV shows you may come across with. However, episodes come and go without you controlling when to watch them. The anticipation for the TV schedule when these episodes will air is thrilling, but it does not do you any good if you missed out on it.

Now, you can still watch and even rewatch all the episodes from your TV shows, thanks to streaming apps like Discovery Plus. You can watch some of your favorite TV series from Food Network, Animal Planet, Discovery, HGTV, TLC, and more without getting pressured to be there on time.

In addition to all this excitement, you can also now add the Discovery+ and stream content on VIZIO smart TV. The only catch is, you have to cast or mirror it from your iOS or Android device to watch from the streaming app to your VIZIO SmartCast TV.

How to Download & Install Discovery+ App to Stream/Watch Content on Vizio SmartCast TV

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As of now, only Vizio SmartCast TV model 2016 and newer gets support for Discovery+. You can start casting Discovery Plus content from your compatible smartphone using Google Chromecast for Android or Apple AirPlay for iOS.

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Watch Discovery Plus on Vizio Smart TV via Apple AirPlay

  • First, you will need to install the Discovery+ app on your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Launch the App Store and search for Discovery Plus.
  • Install the app.
  • Open the Discovery+ app.
  • Login to your streaming account.
  • Now, make sure your smart TV and smartphone connect to the same network.
  • Play the TV show that you want to watch on Discovery+.
  • During playback, tap the AirPlay button found at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Select Vizio SmartCast TV.

Stream Discovery Plus on Vizio SmartCast TV through Google Chromecast

  • If you are using an Android mobile device, go to the Google Play Store.
  • Search for Discovery+ and install the app to your phone.
  • Launch the Discovery+ app and log in to your streaming account.
  • Connect your Vizio SmartCast TV and smartphone to the same network.
  • Play the episode that you want to stream.
  • Tap the Cast icon.
  • Select Vizio SmartCast TV.

Discovery Plus subscription is available at $4.99 per month with ads and $6.99 per month without ads. You can add up to five streaming profiles per account for personalized content and parental control feature. You can sign up for an account and get a streaming plan here.

Will you be casting or mirroring Discovery+ on your Vizio SmartCast TV? What will be the first TV series that you want to stream? You can share your story with us in the comments section below.

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