How to Enable and Use Netflix Frame Rate Matching on Google TV or Android TV

Netflix users, rejoice! Google TV has rolled out a long-awaited upgrade that enhances your viewing experience – the frame rate matching feature.

This nifty tool adjusts the refresh rate on Google TV to match the content you’re watching, resulting in smoother, more natural motion in your favorite shows and movies.

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What is Netflix Frame Rate Matching

The frame rate matching feature was introduced with the launch of Android TV OS 12 in October 2022. However, it’s only now that major streaming services like Netflix have begun to support it.

This development brings Google TV closer to Apple TV, which has been leading the pack with its frame rate matching feature.

Benefits of Using Netflix Frame Rate Matching

Frame rate matching is key to reducing a visual artifact known as ‘judder’. This phenomenon, which appears as a blurring effect in motion images, occurs when the video source and streaming device’s output have different frame rates.

By matching these frame rates, your viewing experience becomes significantly smoother and more enjoyable.

Turn On and Use Netflix Frame Rate Matching on Google TV or Android TV

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To enable frame rate matching, navigate to your Google TV’s Display & Sound Settings and find the ‘match frame rate’ menu. Here, you’ll see three options: Seamless, Non-seamless, and Never.

  • Seamless relies on HDMI 2.1’s Quick Media Switching (QMS) feature to switch between video outputs at different frame rates without any noticeable transition. However, this option is only viable for a select few TVs with HDMI 2.1 QMS support.
  • For most users, the Non-seamless option will be the best choice. This setting will still adjust the frame rate, but you may notice a brief black screen when switching between different frame rates.

After selecting your preferred option, simply exit the settings menu. Your Google TV is now set to adjust its frame rate automatically to match the content you’re watching on Netflix.

Remember, this feature is currently only available for Google TVs running Android TV OS 12, so make sure your device is up-to-date to enjoy this enhanced viewing experience.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Netflix Frame Rate Matching

  • Not updating your Google TV to Android TV OS 12 before trying to enable frame rate matching
  • Choosing the Seamless option without having a TV that supports HDMI 2.1 QMS
  • Expecting the frame rate matching feature to work with streaming services that don’t yet support it
  • Ignoring the ‘match frame rate’ settings and leaving it at the default ‘Never’ option
  • Not testing different settings to see which provides the best viewing experience for your specific TV and content preferences

What to Expect After Enabling Netflix Frame Rate Matching on Google TV or Android TV

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Once you’ve enabled frame rate matching, your Google TV will automatically adjust to the frame rate of the Netflix content you’re watching. This means smoother motion, less judder, and a more immersive viewing experience.

After you’ve switched on frame rate matching, you might start noticing some cool changes. Your favorite Netflix shows and movies will feel a bit smoother, almost like everything’s flowing better.

Those annoying blurry moments when things get a bit too fast? They’ll be a thing of the past.

The new frame rate matching feature on Google TV is a game-changer for Netflix viewers. It enhances the quality of your viewing experience and brings Google TV on par with competitors like Apple TV.

So, don’t wait – try this new feature and elevate your Netflix binge-watching sessions!

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