How to Find and View your Letterboxd Wrapped Year in Review

You surely must be a fan of Letterboxd. You’re nodding yes? Of course!

It’s an addictive, fun corner for all us cinema lovers. It’s where we pour out love or vent out frustration for the films we watch. Yup, you get to rate, review and even keep track! Fun, isn’t it?

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There’s more! Every year, Letterboxd gathers all your cinema journeys and presents you The Year in Review. Guess what this article is about? Absolutely right! It’s a simple, handy guide on how to find your very own Letterboxd Wrapped Year in Review.

Requirement to Access Letterboxd Wrapped Year in Review

To access your Letterboxd Wrapped Year in Review, you need to have an active account on Letterboxd. Once you have logged in to your account, you can easily find and explore your personal stats and the global stats of the Letterboxd community.

Steps on How to View your Letterboxd Wrapped Year in Review

Think it’s complicated? Worry not! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here are the baby steps just for you:

Log in to Your Letterboxd Account

Roll the red carpet! Your first step is to strut into your Letterboxd account. Don’t have one? Not an issue! You can set up an account.

And guess what? It’s free! Simply pop over to their site or get their app. iOS or Android, select your pick.

Go to the Year in Review Page on Letterboxd

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Completed step one? Let’s march to step two. Now that you’re logged in, your destination is right up ahead. The Year in Review page!

And where will you find it? Thanks for asking! Just check the homepage of Letterboxd.

There’s a banner – “2022 Year in Review”. Your road’s right under it! Alternatively, if you’re the direct type, dodge the link and take the shortcut. Head straight to

Explore Your Personal Stats on Letterboxd

Embark on a trip down memory lane! Remember the “Your 2022” section? Brace yourself for a bunch of your own personal stats.

  • Unearth treasures like your film count, all the hours you gifted to films, and your brand-new film discoveries.
  • Need more? Simply click on “View more”.
  • Ready yourself for a truckload of information! Dive deeper and discover your most watched films.
  • Thrillers, comedies or the sensitive dramas- which genre topped your list? Find your beloved actors and directors leading the charts.
  • Keen to break it down further? Use the filters! Be it a monthly summary or your Netflix fix, tailor it to your liking!

Explore the Global Stats on Letterboxd Community

Global stats, anyone? Yes, you heard right!

Way to step out of your bubble! Unravel the most popular and highest-rated films of 2022 as per the Letterboxd community. Still eager? Use filters to wrangle out results for each month or genre!

Spot a tempting film on display? Go ahead, tap on it!

Film specifics are just a tap away! Synopsis, cast, crew, ratings, or reviews? We got them all neatly arranged for you.

Share Your Letterboxd Stats on Social Media

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Had an exhilarating ride? Fancy sharing your nostalgia-inducing Year in Review with your gang? Be proud of your cinematic journey!

Go ahead and showcase it! Just spy the share button resting in the top right corner of the page. Give it a click and voila!

Which platform? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit? Pick one, or more, or all! No one’s judging here. Or do you fancy direct sharing? Fine, go ahead! Just copy that link and paste it wherever your heart pleases.

Spread your love for movies! After all, what’s most fun about movies if not chit-chatting about them with friends?

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