Fix Apple Music Settings Crashing After iOS 17 Update and Enabling Crossfade

With the recent release of iOS 17, Apple introduced a much-anticipated feature to its Music app – Crossfade. This feature, which allows for a seamless transition between songs, has been eagerly awaited by music enthusiasts.

However, excitement quickly turned into frustration for some users when they found that their Apple Music settings or preferences would crash after enabling Crossfade.

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Understanding the Apple Music App Preferences Crashing Issue

The problem occurs when users attempt to enable the Crossfade feature within the Apple Music settings or preferences. Upon doing so, the settings app crashes, effectively blocking users from accessing the Apple Music settings afterward.

This issue has been reported by numerous users, causing a significant amount of frustration, especially for those who were excited to explore the new feature.

Why Apple Music App Preferences Crashes After iOS 17 Update and Enabling Crossfade

Several potential causes have been identified for this issue. One of the primary suspects is software bugs within the new iOS 17 update.

Having an outdated iOS version or Apple Music app could also contribute to the problem. Lastly, storage space issues on the device could potentially cause the Apple Music app to crash.

Resolve Apple Music App Preferences Crashing After iOS 17 Update and Enabling Crossfade

Keeping iPhone or iPad and Apple Music App Up-to-Date

Outdated iOS or app versions might be causing Apple Music to crash. Therefore, ensuring that your device and the app are updated to the latest versions is crucial.

Force Quitting the Apple Music App

If the app keeps crashing, force quitting or deleting and reinstalling the app might help resolve the issue.

Toggling Airplane Mode Off and Back On

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If the app crashes only when the device is connected to Wi-Fi, toggling Airplane mode off and back on might help.

Using iOS System Recovery Software

Software-related issues can cause Apple Music to crash after installing software updates. Troubleshooting these issues using iOS System Recovery software can help.

This software can fix glitches causing Apple Music to freeze and crash. It’s a handy tool to have if you’re experiencing this issue.

Deleting a Specific Song and Redownloading It

If playing certain songs causes the app to crash, deleting and redownloading the song might resolve the issue.

Restarting iPhone or iPad

A simple restart can refresh the iOS, apps, and network connections, potentially resolving the issue.

Deleting Apple Music App and Reinstalling It

Deleting and reinstalling the app can resolve many bugs, potentially fixing the crashing issue.

Checking Apple System Status

If all else fails, check if Apple Music is down. This can be done by checking the Apple system status.

Common Mistakes People Make when trying to Solve the Apple Music Issue

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  • Not updating their device or the Apple Music app to the latest version
  • Not force quitting the app before trying other solutions
  • Not using iOS System Recovery software when necessary
  • Not deleting and redownloading songs that cause the app to crash
  • Not restarting their device to refresh the iOS, apps, and network connections
  • Not toggling Airplane mode off and back on if the app crashes when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Not checking the Apple system status when all else fails

The issue of Apple Music settings or preferences crashing after updating to iOS 17 and enabling Crossfade is a significant one that has affected many users.

However, with the detailed solutions provided in this blog post, users should be able to navigate and potentially resolve this issue. It’s important to remember that software updates often come with minor bugs and glitches; patience is key when dealing with them.

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