How to Fix Peacock TV Error CVF_CVF_-1, CVF_JIS:4:2:0 or CVF_-11839:-12913

Peacock TV app lets you watch all your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, news, and more exclusive content. The service is available on mobile devices, streaming devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other devices.

However, many users of the Peacock TV app have reported encountering occasional problems including CVF_CVF_-1, CVF_JIS:4:2:0, and CVF_-11839:-12913. Sadly, it’s a common concern among Peacock TV app users.

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Top Solutions to Resolve Peacock TV Error CVF_CVF_-1, CVF_JIS:4:2:0 or CVF_-11839:-12913

If you’re having the same issue on Peacock TV, continue reading below to learn some of the solutions you can try to fix things:

Check your Device Compatibility with Peacock TV App

You might not realize it but the reason why error codes occur on your Peacock TV app is because it’s not compatible with the device you’re currently using.

Just so you know, the app only works on devices running on Android versions 6.0 and higher. You might continue to get the error codes if you’re using a device with an Android 5.1 operating system or lower.

Update Your Peacock TV App

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Most users encounter error codes on the Peacock TV app because they didn’t update it to the latest version.

So the next time you see the error code CVF_CVF_-1, CVF_JIS:4:2:0, or CVF_-11839:-12913 while trying to access the Peacock TV app, make sure you check that you’re using the current version in the first place.

If the app you’re using is an outdated one, go to the respective app store you’re using to upgrade it right away.

Uninstall and Reinstall Peacock TV App

If you’ve already updated your Peacock TV app but you still see an error, try to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if it solves the issue.

Many users claimed that this approach helped them fix the error. When you uninstall and reinstall the Peacock TV app, it will refresh all the data of the app and will likely get rid of the annoying error codes.

Check Your Internet Connection

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If you’re trying to use your Peacock TV app and you still see the error code, you might want to check if your network connection is fast and stable.

See to it that your internet is working fine and that you’re getting consistent signal strength. For a smooth Peacock TV app experience, don’t forget to check the average speed of your internet connection so you will know if it’s working as expected.

Clear Peacock TV App Cache

It’s quite surprising how something as simple as clearing cookies and app cache can work wonders in resolving most issues with any app, and the Peacock TV app is no exception.

With the Peacock TV app, clearing app cache and cookies will help you eliminate error codes CVF_CVF_-1, CVF_JIS:4:2:0, and CVF_-11839:-12913.

  • To do this, go to the Settings menu on the device you’re using.
  • Look for the list of apps and choose the Peacock TV app.
  • Tap the app, look for the storage option, and select Clear cache and cookies. 

Fixing Peacock TV App CVF_CVF_-1, CVF_JIS:4:2:0 or CVF_-11839:-12913 error codes don’t take rocket science. Just follow the tips above so you can go back to your viewing experience right away.

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