How to Fix Audio Delay or Out of Sync Issue on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an on-demand streaming service with many popular movies and shows. It has thousands of blockbuster films and shows, including several unique original titles unavailable on other platforms and available on multiple platforms.

When you subscribe with a full Amazon Prime membership, Prime video is one of the benefits. But, if you only want Amazon Prime Video, it is also available as a standalone subscription.

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Subscribing is beneficial because you can watch without the hassle of advertisements. You can avail of membership for $15 a month or $139 a year. If you don’t want any of Amazon Prime’s other benefits, join up for Prime Video on its own for $9 a month.

Why is the Audio Delayed or Out of Sync on Amazon Prime Video

This streaming service has much potential, though we can experience poor entertainment when the video and audio are out of sync. Watching videos and hearing a delay can be annoying.

But keep hope. It can be easily fixed, and your video and audio will be in sync again. Let’s start by discussing the possible causes of this video and audio mismatch.

  • Rewinding or fast-forwarding the video was the root of the problem.
  • Fluctuating internet connectivity
  • Audio synchronization with Amazon Prime videos may have problems due to HDMI malfunction.
  • It can be the program itself if viewing a TV show.
  • Your cable or satellite set-top box’s incorrect frame-matching settings
  • The disc may be liable if a DVD or Blu-ray Disc® player is connected.
  • When using a digital optical cable to connect to a home theater system, there may be an audio delay that needs to be adjusted manually on the home theater system. There might even be a setting on the TV itself that is the root of the problem.
  • The sound may be delayed if the TV is connected to a soundbar or another home theater system (through an HDMI connection or optical cable) because of delays in the soundbar or home theater system’s audio processing. The TV speakers work fine in such circumstances.

Easy Fixes to Resolve Amazon Prime Video Out of Sync or Audio Delay Error

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If any of the abovementioned situations happen to you, here are some of the fixes you can try.

  1. Consider checking your internet connection. Check to see if the WiFi network your device is connected to is active.
  2. Watch what you are watching from the beginning to resync the audio and video.
  3. Log out and log in to your account.
  4. Clear the cache of the Prime Video app. Uninstall the app, redownload it, and sign in with your account.
  5. Ensure that the TV runs the most recent system software (firmware). Update the software.
  6. Whether you’re watching TV, try switching channels to see if the issue applies to other media; if it only affects one track, the broadcast is the problem. Contact the network provider.
  7. Try an alternative video source to see if the problem affects other connected devices.
  8. Reset the TV’s power settings. The Amazon Prime video audio out-of-sync fault can be resolved by restarting the device because it clears random bug clusters from your RAM.
  9. Ensure that every cable is firmly attached to the TV and the source device.
  10. Check your HDMI. Because audio sync problems may result from damaged or sloppy HDMI cable connections.
  11. Change the Audio/Video Sync or the Audio Delay setting on your home theater system manually if one is present and a digital optical cable is utilized in the connection (if available).
  12. When viewing TV or using a DVD or Blu-ray player, turn off game mode if your TV has one by turning it off.

Best Tricks for Streaming Amazon Prime Video on Smart TVs

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On your device, try switching the audio settings to a different setting. For instance, turn on the stereo. Select Dolby Digital to PCM under Settings & Messages > Audio & Video Settings > Dolby Digital on your TV. Activate A/V sync if it is available.

If you are streaming Prime Video to your TV, check that the HDMI or other optical ports are correctly plugged in and try a different cable as part of your device connection troubleshooting.

These fixes might work depending on why it became out of sync. If none of these solves the issue, report it on the Prime Video support page.



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