How to Fix Netflix Error F7701-1003, F7355 or F7353 on Firefox Browser

Getting an error on Netflix is annoying. When you’ve been looking forward to watching the next episodes of your favorite TV series, the last thing you want is getting blocked by an error message. Some users encounter the Netflix error codes F7701-1003, F7355, and F7353 when they try to stream on their Mozilla Firefox browser.

It is convenient to watch Netflix on your laptop computer. You can lie on your bed, sit on a chair outside, or choose any comfortable place inside the house. Most users stream their Netflix movies through reputable browsers like Mozilla Firefox. But, when you see an error on your browser, there are solutions that you can do to get rid of it.


The Netflix error code F7701-1003 may be due to digital rights issues on your browser. If you try to stream Netflix on a public computer, at work, or school, the error comes up if the network administrator blocks the software that will stream Netflix, this time it’s Firefox.

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What you can do is confirm it with your computer administrator. But, if you are using your private computer at home, you may be using a Firefox version that does not support Netflix. You will need to update the latest version by going to the About page of your Firefox browser.

For Netflix errors F7355 and F7353, the problem is an outdated version of your Firefox browser. Similar to Netflix error code F7701-1003, you also need to download the latest version of Firefox. Make sure to install version 59 or later for Windows 10 PC, Linux, and Mac computers.

Other Ways to Fix Netflix Error F7701-1003, F7355, or F7353 on Firefox Browser

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Aside from updating the version of your Firefox browser, you can also try to restart your computer. It can help refresh your connection. You can also allow cookies on your Firefox browser by selecting Remember history when you go to the History page. Another way is to click Refresh Firefox found on the Help page.

If none of the solutions work for you, the best thing you can do is contact Netflix Customer Service.

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Do you have other methods that might help fix the mentioned Netflix errors? You can share them by dropping them below so other users can try them as well.

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