Fix Frame Rate Matching Not Working on New Max (HBO Max) App on Apple TV 4K

Frame rate matching is crucial to enjoying content on the new Max app on Apple TV 4K device. The viewing experience can be less than ideal when it doesn’t work as expected. Understanding this issue and its importance sets the stage for exploring various fixes. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated cinephile, these glitches can affect your entertainment experience.

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The Mystery Behind the Glitches

The frame rate issues with the Max app on Apple TV 4K are puzzling. They seem to occur randomly, disrupting the smooth flow of video playback. It’s not just a minor inconvenience but a real barrier to enjoyment.

These glitches can make the content appear choppy or out of sync. Imagine watching a high-speed chase that suddenly stutters. It’s jarring and pulls you out of the immersive experience.


So, what’s causing these issues? It could be a software bug within the app itself. Maybe it’s a compatibility problem with certain TV models. Or perhaps it’s a combination of factors only the app’s developers truly understand.

Whatever the cause, these glitches are more than a mere annoyance. They’re a problem that needs solving, and understanding them is the first step toward a solution.

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Additional Reasons Behind the Issues

  • Incompatibility with specific Apple TV firmware versions.
  • Conflicts with other apps running simultaneously on Apple TV.
  • Incorrect settings related to video and audio matching.
  • Potential hardware limitations or defects within the Apple TV device.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Frame Rate Matching Not Working on Max (HBO Max) App on Apple TV 4K Devices

Image credit by Warner Bros. Discovery

Turning Off Auto Previews

The Max app’s auto previews feature is a common culprit behind frame rate issues on Apple TV 4K. It’s a flashy feature but can cause videos to play unevenly. Here’s how to turn it off.

Open the Max app on your Apple TV and head to the Settings menu. Look for the option to disable auto previews. It’s usually tucked away under a submenu.

Once you’ve turned off auto previews, make sure to restart the app. This simple action can make a world of difference. The frame rate should now match the content, providing a smoother viewing experience.

Updating to tvOS 16.6 Beta

The frame rate issues with the Max app might not be the app’s fault at all. It could be something deeper within the Apple TV’s operating system. That’s where updating to tvOS 16.6 Beta comes in.

Some users have found that this update resolves the frame rate issues. It’s a more technical solution, but it’s worth a try if you’re experiencing these problems. Just remember, beta versions might have their own quirks.

If you’re not comfortable using a beta version, don’t worry. The public release of tvOS 16.6 is expected soon. It might be just a matter of waiting a few days for the update to roll out to all users.

Screencasting from iPhone

Screencasting from an iPhone to Apple TV is a clever workaround for the frame rate issues with the Max app. It’s like using your phone as a bridge to bypass the problem. It’s not a permanent fix but can get you through a movie night.

Here’s how you do it. Open the Max app on your iPhone and find the show you want to watch. Then, look for the screencast button, usually represented by a screen icon with an arrow.

Tap the screencast button and select your Apple TV from the list of devices. Your show should now play on your TV, frame rate issues and all. It’s a simple trick but can make a big difference in your viewing experience.

Utilizing Apple TV’s Match Content Settings

Apple TV has a built-in solution to frame rate issues. It’s called Match Content, and it’s designed to align the frame rate with the content you’re watching. It’s a handy tool that’s often overlooked.

To turn on Match Content, go to Settings on your Apple TV. Then navigate to Video and Audio, and choose the Match Content option. You’ll find two settings there: Match Dynamic Range and Match Frame Rate. Turn them on.

Finding the right solution to the frame rate issues on the Apple TV 4K Max app might take some trial and error. But with these fixes at your fingertips, you’re well-equipped to tackle the problem. It’s all about taking control of your technology to make it work for you.

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