How to Fix Hulu Live TV Showing Wrong Local Channels on Roku Device Error

Getting caught with your Hulu Live TV presenting incorrect local channels on your Roku device can be an inconvenience, much less a spoiler for your daily dose of television entertainment.

But worry no more! Fortunately, resolving this Hulu Live TV issue is often achievable by taking the suggested simple steps.

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Best Solutions to Resolve Hulu Live TV Showing Wrong Local Channels on Roku Device Error

Checking the Zip Code on your Hulu Account

One of the many reasons that your Hulu Live TV might be showing wrong local channels could be a mismatch in your current location that’s registered with your Hulu account and your actual location. 

That’s right! The simple cause of having an incorrect Zip Code could be your pain point. To fix it, you need to check if the Zip Code associated with your Hulu account is correct.

  • Go to the Account page on Hulu’s official website.
  • Search for your registered Zip Code in your Account section.
  • If you find any discrepancies, correct them right away.

This simple modification might resolve the Hulu issue outright.

Check Zip Code on Roku

Here’s another layer of accuracy check that you might not have considered. Your Roku device may be linked to the wrong Zip Code – an overlooked cause that could be the root of your issue.

How to update it?

  • Go to your Roku device’s home screen.
  • Then go to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘About’ and scan for Zip Code.
  • If your registered Zip Code here is incorrect, update it with your correct one.

Power Cycle your Roku Device

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A power cycle sounds like something complicated, but it’s merely a fancy term for ‘turn it off and turn it back on again.’ This ‘golden’ solution for fixing most tech-related problems holds good for this issue as well.

Turn off your Roku device, modem, and router, then turn them all back on again. What this does is it enables a fresh start for your network connection and cleans up any temporary issues that might have occurred.

Sometimes errors occur due to overloading your device with too many processes, and a quick reboot can solve those problems.

Cross-Checking Local Channels on Hulu

Are you sure you’re unable to access the local channels that you’re supposed to based on your Zip Code? Cross-check the list of local channels your area should receive.

Just like when changing your Zip Code, head to the Hulu website. There, find what channels you should be able to see. Ensure you’re not missing out on the available channels.

Check for Hulu App Updates

It’s often very easy to overlook System and App updates; we’ve all been guilty of ignoring a few. But this could potentially cause issues like the one you’re facing. The newer, updated version of apps often includes bug fixes, including channel-oriented issues.

So, check if your Hulu app needs updating.

  • Visit the Roku Channel Store, locate the Hulu app and check if an updated version is available.
  • If yes, go ahead and update it.

Contact Hulu Customer Support

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If none of the mentioned methods worked, then seeking help from the specialists is the best option.

Reach out to Hulu’s support. They would have more information specific to your account, and they may provide some additional troubleshooting steps for your device. While every problem has a solution, expert guidance simply makes the task easier.

Hope this helps!

David Porter
David Porter
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