How to Fix Hulu Recording Not Available or Not Showing Up Issue

Hulu has a total number of subscribers of 99.7 million. It is famous for its flexibility; you can watch tv shows and movies on Hulu, whether inside or outside the house.

Hulu also brings convenience to their user; it has a web-based app that enables users to watch any show and movie they want. You can watch Hulu on phone, smart TVs, tablets, and computers.

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What is Hulu?

This streaming platform offers various amounts of tv shows, movies, and documentaries. Hulu also has different categories of genres: horror, comedy, romance, sci-fi, and even thrillers.

Hulu also offers streaming live tv. Many Hulu users try to record live tv shows to watch repeatedly. But some users have yet to be successful in recording one. Are you one of them? Worry no more because this is for you.

Methods to Troubleshoot Hulu Recording Not Available or Not Showing Up Error

There are many reasons why Hulu records aren’t available. It can be the corrupted Hulu app, outdated software, or unstable internet connections.

Turn On Record Live Shows on Hulu

DVR or Digital Video Recorder is required to record any live shows on Hulu. DVR stores your recorded tv show on a hard drive for easy access.

Also, make sure your Hulu Cloud DVR is properly set up. You can do this by following the directions below:

  • Go to ‘Accounts ‘ > Click ‘Manage Profiles’ > Edit > DVR
  • Make sure to enable ‘Record Live TV Shows.’

Update your Hulu App

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Lower versions of the Hulu app may not have the features of recording live shows. This tells the importance of updating your apps. Updating Hulu can fix bugs and prevent errors. You can also enjoy new features from them.

Delete Recorded Videos on Hulu

Hulu has limited hours of recording shows. The basic Hulu subscription plan has a limit of 50 hours of content. If you are past the limit, then it’s time to delete some of the recorded videos you don’t watch anymore to make space for the newer ones.

Restart your Router

The success of recording a live TV show depends on how strong your connections are. A slow connection can cause bugs, errors, and delayed playbacks. You can restart your modem by turning it off and on. 

Verify License Restrictions on Hulu Content

Not all shows and movies have the same licensing restrictions. Some shows cannot be recorded because of limitations.

Check your Hulu Subscriptions

There are many subscription plans that Hulu offers, but not all of them have recording features. In this instance, you must check your plan to see if it has recording features.

If you still need to, you’ll have to decide on the right strategy that allows you to record your favorite live tv shows.

Check the Compatibility of your Device and the Hulu Version

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This technical issue happens when your device and Hulu version are incompatible with your cloud DVR. This happens because not all devices can support DVR features. You can check on Hulu’s list of supported devices if yours is compatible with cloud DVR and Hulu version.

We hope this can help you successfully record your favorite shows. We understand the eagerness of wanting to watch your favorite show over and over again.

However, if you’re still encountering problems and errors, contact the Hulu support center. Their staff will adequately help you to define the issues and fix them. Hoping you’ll have a peaceful and fun binging.

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