How to Fix Philo TV Video Keeps Looping, Frozen, Choppy Playback Issues

Philo TV offers more than 60 channels to stream at any time for only $25 per month. You can find some of your favorite films, TV series, and live TV shows from premium channels like History Channel, Bloomberg TV, Comedy Central, Nicktoons, Fox, ABC, and more. There is no contract on every subscription so you can cancel your streaming membership plan at any time.

Unfortunately, there are instances when your video content keeps on looping or freezing and the streaming app is not playing live TV on your device. At times, you experience a frozen or choppy and buffering video playback problems when streaming your shows on Philo TV app using Apple TV, Roku player, Amazon Firestick, and smart TV devices. Another known issue reported by users is Roku freezing up during commercials on the Philo app.

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If any of these errors happen to you and Philo is not working on your device, there are ways you can try to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Philo TV Video Playback Issues – Buffering, Looping, Choppy, Frozen

Many different factors may contribute to the playback problems you experience on Philo TV app. Fortunately, you can resolve and fix them by following the troubleshooting methods and solutions below.

Restart your Device

  • First, exit all apps running on your device.
  • Power off your device for a few seconds.
  • Power it on and relaunch Philo TV.

Check your Wi-Fi Network Connection

Sometimes, the problem may be with your wireless Internet network connection. Do a speed test and make sure you have a reliable WiFi network speed. You can also improve your Wi-Fi router Internet signal by elevating your device or performing a power cycle. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you continue to experience a slow Internet network connection problem.

Play a Different TV Series Episode Video or Title

The problem may be with the video you want to stream. Try playing a different video and check if it works. Sometimes, licensing issues or geographical restrictions can cause the video to stutter and stop playing.

Switch to a Different Streaming Device

You can try to stream Philo TV using a different device. For instance, you can try watching the video on your mobile device instead of your laptop or smart TV. If you are using a Roku player, try switching to a Firestick or Apple TV if those devices are available for you to use.

Submit a Report to Philo TV Customer Support Team

  • Launch any web browser on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Go to
  • You can choose to Chat with any customer representative or call them on their hotline.
  • If you prefer to send an email, click Submit a Request.
  • Enter your personal information and indicate your issue.

Were you able to fix the Philo TV video playback errors on your devices? You can tell us in the comment section below.

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