How to Fix VIZIO Sound Bar HDMI ARC Not Working & Other Audio Issues

Streaming on your smart TV can give you the best experience if you have a good quality sound system like the VIZIO soundbar. It can transform your living room into a home theater and make your movie experience top-notch.

But, there are user reports that their VIZIO sound bar is not working when they use it through the HDMI ARC or CEC and has intermittent audio issues. If you encounter the same issue, you can try to resolve the problem with several troubleshooting tips.

Fix VIZIO SoundBar HDMI ARC No Sound Intermittent Audio
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How to Troubleshoot & Fix VIZIO Sound Bar HDMI ARC Keep Cutting Out with Intermittent Audio Issues

There can be various reasons why your VIZIO sound bar device keeps on cutting out or producing no sound at all. It can be a problem with the HDMI cable or the soundbar itself. If you want to fix it, try to follow each of the methods below and check if it works for you.

Verify if your TV Audio is On

  • On your VIZIO remote control, press the Menu button.
  • Navigate to Audio.
  • Look for the Speakers section.
  • Make sure it is on. You can also try to turn it off and on again.

Perform a Power Cycle on your Devices

  • Power off your TV and unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait for at least 3 minutes before you plug it back into the outlet.
  • Turn on your TV and VIZIO soundbar.
  • Retry playing a video and checking if the audio is okay.

Reconnect your VIZIO Sound Bar to your Smart TV

  • Turn on your smart TV and play any video.
  • On your VIZIO soundbar, press and hold the Input button. Continue doing so until you see lights flashing. It means that your VIZIO soundbar is searching for smart TV. It will then start playing the audio.

Use a Different HDMI Cable

It can be a problem with your HDMI cable. Check for any signs of damage on your cable. You can try to connect it to a different device to verify if it is working or not. If not, you can replace the old one with another HDMI cable.

Connect your VIZIO Sound Bar to a Different Device

If you have another device at home such as a PC or a laptop, try to connect it to your soundbar. That way, you can verify if the soundbar is having an audio issue. If it works, the problem may not be with your VIZIO device.

Update the Firmware of your VIZIO Sound Bar

  • Launch the VIZIO SmartCast app.
  • In the upper left corner, tap the menu button.
  • Select Device Settings.
  • Choose Add New Device.
  • Now, try to set up your VIZIO soundbar.
  • Make sure your soundbar is connected to your WiFi.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Select System.
  • Choose Check for Updates.
  • Select Yes.
  • Wait for the process to finish.
  • Avoid turning your soundbar on during the process, and make sure it connects to a power source. It usually takes 30 minutes for the update process to finish.

Factory Reset your Smart TV

Note that a factory reset will delete all the customizations on your smart TV and revert it to factory settings.

  • On your VIZIO remote control, press the Menu button.
  • Go to System.
  • Select Reset & Admin.
  • Choose Reset to Factory Settings.
  • Now, follow the instructions on the screen to set up your TV.

What did you do to fix the VIZIO soundbar audio error? We love to know what works, so please write your answers below.

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