How to Fix Vudu App Stops Working with Blank or Black Screen Issue

Vudu is a streaming service by Fandango, one that offers quite a wide assortment of different TV shows and movies. In fact, Vudu boasts of having access to over 1000 different pieces of media, spoiling subscribers with what is essentially endless choice. It’s also available on basically every platform, from normal devices like smartphones and TV streaming boxes all the way down to gizmos like game consoles.

Now, while this may be impressive, it doesn’t mean Vudu is exempt from bugs or errors. In fact, many users often complain about the number of bugs and glitches on the streaming platform, though they typically don’t get in the way much. One common issue that does completely get in the way of using the Vudu app, however, is the black or blank screen error, where launching the app leads to nothing but an empty display.

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Working through this error when you’re excited to view and enjoy your movie or TV show can be somewhat frustrating considering you can’t even see what the issue is in the first place. So, what can you do to alleviate and fix the problem then?

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Vudu App Blank or Black Screen Error on Various Devices

There are several troubleshooting methods and solutions to getting your Vudu service running properly, and we’ve listed these fixes down below in some simple step-by-step guides. Just take your time following these guides and you should be good to go soon enough without the black screen or blank page ruining your binge-watching session!

Check Vudu Server Status

  • Go over to and search for Vudu servers.
  • Check and see if there’s been a outage while you were trying to watch shows.
  • If there is, then simply wait for the servers to come back up.
  • Once servers are up, boot up Vudu and see if the issue persists.

Update Your Vudu App

  • Check and see if the Vudu app has any pending updates.
  • If available, then update the app to its latest version.
  • Wait for the update to finish installing.
  • Once it’s done, try opening the app up again.

Reinstall The Vudu App

  • In the case that none of the solutions work, uninstall the Vudu app.
  • After a few minutes, reinstall the Vudu app.
  • Input all your login details as necessary.
  • Check and see if black screen still comes up.

If you’ve followed all the steps we’ve listed above properly, then you should be back to watching your favorite TV series and movies on the Vudu app as usual. We hope this guide helped you out, and for more tips and fixes, stay tuned!

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