How to Fix YouTube TV Sound Audio and Video Out of Sync Issue

Have you ever discovered that a YouTube TV video’s audio isn’t playing in time with the visuals?

When sound and images are not correctly synced, watching something can be immensely frustrating. Fortunately, there are some easy measures you may follow to resolve this problem with YouTube TV on your own!

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In this article, we’ll look at how to resolve YouTube TV sound/audio and synchronization problems so you can enjoy watching videos without any grating latency.

Causes of Audio and Visual Synchronization Problems on YouTube TV

Slow internet connections are a major contributing factor, as they can make the streaming service delay more frequently than it should.

Incorrect device settings for the refresh rate or resolution could also be to blame.

Thirdly, your issue can be the result of hardware-related issues like a broken HDMI cable.

Top Solutions to Troubleshoot YouTube TV Audio and Video Out of Sync Error

You can find below several ways on how you can resolve the out of sync issue with YouTube TV. Follow each of the steps below and check if it fixes the problem.

Check the Internet Speed

Checking whether your internet connection is the issue is the first step in troubleshooting your audio and video out of sync issue.

If you’re streaming YouTube TV and using a wireless router, try resetting it or just get closer to it.

Make sure that no other networked devices are utilizing an excessive amount of bandwidth.

Examine the YouTube App’s Updates and Install Them

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It might be essential to check for any software upgrades on your device if that doesn’t resolve the problem.

Before continuing, check that the streaming media player you’re using is running the most recent version.

Spend some time tweaking the quality and refresh rate of the playback because they can occasionally affect how smoothly video streams on YouTube TV.

Change the Device’s Playback Options

The resolution and refresh rate settings are typically available on most devices, and both can affect how material from YouTube TV streams.

It’s crucial to remember that larger resolutions typically use more bandwidth than lower ones, so if you’re experiencing issues with audio and video that are out of sync, consider first lowering the resolution.

Moreover, changing the refresh rate may aid in enhancing the overall performance of streaming; it is worthwhile to experiment with various numbers here.

Finally, some devices have extra features like motion smoothing or dynamic contrast enhancement. If these features are not required for getting high-quality streaming from YouTube TV, they should be disabled.

If you do this, your problem with out-of-sync sound, audio, and video might be resolved!

Update the Firmware on Your Router to the Most Recent Version

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It’s simple enough to upgrade your router’s firmware; some routers, when connected with an Ethernet wire, allow for automated updates, while others require manual installation through their web interface.

Before trying any changes, make sure to consult the manufacturer’s website for instructions tailored to your model.

Finally, think about turning off other devices in your home that are sharing bandwidth or using a VPN or DNS proxy service if you’re still having trouble with audio/video synchronization after updating the firmware on your network.

Use a network monitoring application like Fing to make sure no one else in the house is using all the bandwidth from your internet connection (available as both iOS and Android app). You can easily and quickly find potential sources of congestion by keeping track of which devices are currently using your network!

Hoping this is useful! You can drop us a comment below and share your experiences with us.

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