How to Get and Watch PBS Free Without Cable through The Local Now App

For over five decades, PBS, or Public Broadcasting Service has been an enduring American institution that is part of the culture and tradition of the country. This is where you can see in-depth news coverage, award-winning children’s programs, high-class dramas, marathon antique appraisals, and cultural events and concerts all under one roof.

You can get all of these and more at PBS together with locally produced programs that specifically cater to the interests of your particular region.

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For many people, PBS is the epitome of the best offerings in TV, and it’s the only place where you can watch endless reruns of your favorite British sitcoms.

To make things even more exciting and convenient for PBS fans, you can now get and watch PBS for free even without cable through the Local Now app.

The PBS and Local Now App Collaboration

Just recently, the Local Now app and PBS were happy to announce the deal that aims to bring to bring the local stations of PBS to Local Now, a free streaming service. PBS and Local Now have started rolling out PBS affiliates and it now seems that the rollout of the PBS stations is live in many of the markets all over the US.

PBS was among the last major TV networks that joined in the cord-cutting revolution, offering its content online live. Back in the day, the moment you cut the cord, it will give you access to a selection of on-demand content in the PBS app. You can also watch PBS with an antenna for free.

However, if you wanted to stream a channel live, you don’t have any other options until several years back. Today, however, you will have more choices than ever before.

It was only a few years ago when YouTube TV and DIRECTV Stream added PBS live feeds although you need to pay for the services. Today, you don’t have to use or pay for the PBS app because Local Now already signed a deal for streaming PBS for free in a total of 225 markets all over the US.

While some markets are not yet live on the Local Now App, PBS stations will start to go live soon. You should be able to find the local PBS channel on Local Now if your market is not yet live by the end of 2023.

According to Local Now, it is a major achievement for them to be able to add local PBS stations to their app. This helps them establish their position as a leader of America’s free streaming entertainment and local news.

Different age groups of viewers are familiar with PBS and love the station. It’s truly great news that they can now stream all their favorite content anytime for free.

How Can You Get and Watch PBS Free on Local Now?

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Unfortunately, there are no details on how you can get and watch PBS on the Local Now app. However, it’s safe to say that with this major change, PBS is ready to become more cord-cutting friendly, and hopefully, it will soon join other streaming services.

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