How to Hide, Block or Limit Alcohol & Gambling Ads on YouTube

Advertisements can be dominating when streaming on YouTube. Turn them off by following this guide.

Don’t like seeing advertisements about alcohol and gambling when you stream videos on YouTube app on TV and mobile device or website? Now you can limit their occurrence or completely block them off!

Not a lot of people love the idea of seeing addiction triggers. There are those who already struggle in staying away from alcohol, gambling and and other sensitive topics. Unfortunately, Google customizes ads based on online activities. Google also considers your activities from its various services, as well as your age, information and other data in analyzing what adverts to show.

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If you don’t like seeing certain kinds of advertisements, you can personalize your ads via Google’s My Ad Center.

Ways to Turn Off, Block or Manage Alcohol, Gambling and Sensitive Advertisements from Showing on YouTube

Google wants to reiterate that they have no control of showing triggering items on non-related ads. Even if you blocked off alcohol from your ads, you may still see alcohol in other non-related ads or whenever someone searches for alcohol.

Disable Personalized Ads on Google Ad Center


Block Alcohol and Gambling Ads on YouTube

  • Login to your account on
  • On the left panel, select Customize Ads.
  • Go to the Sensitive tab.
  • Look for Alcohol and toggle the button to off.
  • Do the same with Gambling and other topics you want to hide.

Stop Seeing Particular Ads on YouTube

  • When an ad plays on YouTube, click the small i icon just above the playback.
  • Click Block ad.
  • Click Continue to verify.


Advertisements can be dominating when streaming content on YouTube. Try to block off unwanted ads by following the methods above. If you don’t like seeing any form of advertisement, switching to YouTube Premium might be the best solution.

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