How to Download, Install & Watch Amazon Freevee App on iPhone or Apple TV

Online streaming gives you access to thousands of TV show episodes and movies. However, it also comes with a price. Fortunately, there are free streaming services that you can enjoy but with a catch. You need to watch advertisements in between the shows.

For many users, ad interruptions are not a big deal. That is why Amazon offers its premium free streaming services to all its users. You can watch it on most devices, including your iPhone and Apple TV. Amazon gives you Amazon Freevee.

What is Amazon Freevee Streaming Service

How to Get the Amazon Freevee Free Streaming App and Install it on Apple TV and iPhone Mobile Devices
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If you are familiar with IMDb TV, you are thinking of the same thing. Amazon Freevee is a rebrand of IMDb TV, which is also IMDb Freedrive. It features Freevee Originals, old movies, hit TV shows, and live 24/7 channels.

Amazon Freevee has no subscription fees. You need to have an Amazon account to log in to the Freevee app. It is available in the US, US Territories, and the UK. Soon, it is expanding to other countries in Europe.

Some of the titles you can watch on Amazon Freevee include Sprung, Post Malone: Runaway, Love Accidentally, Trope, Bosch: Legacy, Pretty Hard Cases, Judy Justice, Alex Rider, Leverage: Redemption, Moment of Truth, and Timewasters.

Note that access to Amazon Freevee will allow you to enjoy Amazon’s X-ray service. If you love to know more about the cast, characters, music, producers, and scenes, the X-ray service will offer you all the details you need via IMDb TV.

How to Get the Amazon Freevee Free Streaming App & Install it on Apple TV and iPhone Mobile Devices

The Amazon Freevee premium streaming app rolled out on Apple TV and iPhone as a dedicated app earlier this year in the US. Just recently, Amazon released the Amazon Freevee app to UK users.

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Install Amazon Freevee App & Watch Free Content on Apple TV

  • On your Apple TV, navigate to the Home Screen.
  • Look for the App Store and open it.
  • On the Search bar, enter freevee.
  • Select Freevee to open the app details.
  • Click the Download button to install the app.
  • After installing, open the Amazon Freevee app and log in to your Amazon account.

How to Download Amazon Freevee Available from Apple App Store on iPhone iOS Devices

  • On your iPhone, open the iOS AppStore.
  • On the Search bar, enter Freevee.
  • Tap Amazon Freevee to open app details.
  • Tap the Install button.
  • After installing the app, launch the Amazon Freevee app and log in to your Amazon account.

According to Amazon, it is planning to increase Freevee’s free original content by 70% this year. What do you think of Amazon Freevee? Will you download it on your iOS devices and Apple TVs? We love to hear your thoughts, so drop us one below.

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