Install YouTube as Progressive Web App (PWA) on Windows 10 or ChromeOS

It is great to have the best of everything. The same is true when it comes to our online experience. We want to achieve the best and most efficient way to browse through the Internet and use our apps.

Now, Google recently announced that it is launching the YouTube website ( to be available as a PWA for both Windows 10 and ChromeOS operating systems. That means users will have a more elevated experience when streaming their favorite videos on YouTube.

What is a Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

PWA means Progressive Web Apps. We often see web applications where we can have real-time information and online reach. Web apps are up-to-date, and it can connect us anytime and anywhere. It is a way for us to install and run websites as native apps on our computers. These apps are reliable and stable with or with our Internet connection. You can run the apps on your computer even without the network.

PWA combines both benefits of web applications and native applications. It integrates the web browser APIs with the traditional strategy, so you can have a native-app experience with web application features.

In other words, you are using a website that will give you an app experience. PWAs must be installable, responsive, linkable, and discoverable.

Google has already created offline support on its Google Calendar. Now, it is turning the main YouTube site to be available as PWA. You can install it on your Chromebook computer or Windows 10 PC.

How to Install Main YouTube Website as PWA on Windows 10 PC or Chromebook


On your Windows 10 PC or Chrome OS Chromebook, launch the Chrome browser. Type on the address bar and hit enter. On the right side of the address bar, you will see the Install button or the Plus icon. Now, click the Plus icon to install YouTube as PWA. Then, a prompt will appear asking you to confirm. Lastly, click Install.

Also, Google is starting to implement a policy for developers to add an offline function to their web apps for the PWA install button to appear on the browser.

What do you think of YouTube becoming a PWA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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