Troubleshooting Plex on Chromecast: How to Fix Common Issues

Plex is a popular media player that allows you to stream your favorite TV shows, movies, and music to various devices, including Chromecast. However, like any technology, you may encounter some issues when trying to use Plex on Chromecast.

In this article, we will discuss some common Chromecast issues and provide possible solutions to help you troubleshoot and fix any problems you may be experiencing.

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Check Chromecast Settings When Plex is Not Working

One possible reason why you may not be able to cast Plex to your Chromecast device is that it is not configured properly.

  • To check your device settings, go to the chrome://cast URL in the Chrome browser.
  • If it says “Click to set up” instead of “Ready to cast,” follow the instructions.
  • Click the “Set me up” button.

This should help you set up your Chromecast device correctly and enable you to cast Plex.

Ensure the Server is on the Same Network with Chromecast

If you are trying to connect to a remote server, you may encounter issues with Plex on Chromecast. Plex recommends keeping the server on the same network as the TV to avoid any connectivity issues. Ensure that your server and Chromecast device are both connected to the same network.

Update the Plex App and Router Settings to Latest Version

Another possible solution to Plex and Chromecast issues is updating to the latest version of Plex and ensuring your router is set up correctly. One user was able to fix their Chromecast issues by updating to version and changing their USG router settings to include “rebind-domain-ok=/”. Make sure you update both Plex and your router to ensure compatibility.

Reset your Chromecast Device

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If you are still experiencing issues with Plex on Chromecast, try resetting the device. Some users have had success fixing Chromecast issues by resetting the device. Try going to the preview program for Chromecast or completely resetting the device. This should help clear any cache or temporary files that may be causing the problem.

Optimize Media Files on Plex

If you are still experiencing streaming issues with Plex on Chromecast, try generating fresh and optimized versions of your TV shows and movies. This can help ensure smooth playback on Chromecast. Make sure that your media files are compatible with Chromecast and are in the correct format.

Reinstall the Plex App

If you are using the Plex app on a Samsung TV and experiencing issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Make sure to power off and unplug the TV for two minutes before reinstalling it. This should help reset any settings and ensure that the app is installed correctly.

Check the Plex App Details on Google TV

If you are using Plex on Google TV, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed and check the app details page for more information. Sometimes, Google TV may have compatibility issues with certain apps, including Plex. Ensure that the app is compatible with your device and that you have the latest version installed.

Forget Network on Chromecast to Reset Connection

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If all else fails, try forgetting the network on your Chromecast device.

  • Launch the app and tap the Chromecast you are having issues with.
  • Then tap “Settings” > “Device information” > “Wi-Fi” > “Forget this network.”

This should help reset your Chromecast device and clear any connectivity issues.

Plex on Chromecast can be a great way to stream your favorite TV shows and movies to your TV. However, sometimes issues may arise, preventing you from casting Plex.

By trying the solutions outlined above, you should be able to troubleshoot and fix any issues you may be experiencing with Plex on Chromecast. Ensure that both your server and Chromecast device are connected to the same network, update both Plex and your router to ensure compatibility, and optimize your media files to ensure smooth playback.

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