How to Remove or Block Hulu Ads on your Device

Hulu is one of the most popular live TV streaming platforms that most people choose to subscribe to. You can access more than 75 channels with live sports and news.

There are three subscription plans that you can choose from when you want to subscribe to Hulu. First is the Hulu subscription plan at $6.99 per month. It includes access to its full library collection with new regular content releases and the Hulu Originals. You can create up to 6 users profiles with 2 simultaneous streaming views from different devices.

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Then, there is the Hulu (No Ads) for $12.99 per month that gives you everything from the first subscription plan but without any ad interruptions. The third plan is the Hulu + Live TV, which includes Live TV channels and recorded Live TV features at the price of $64.99 per month.

If you choose the first Hulu streaming subscription plan, you can enjoy watching all the titles on Hulu but with all the advertisements and commercials in between shows. What if there are ways for you to remove or block Hulu ads on your account? Skipping commercials will make your streaming experience more enjoyable and seamless.

Ways to Remove, Block, or Skip Hulu Ads & Streaming Commercials on your Account on Any Device

Hulu does not have any skip ads function directly on the account settings. If you want to remove or get rid of the ads, you need to upgrade your streaming subscription plan to do so. But, there are workarounds that you can do to block the ads showing up on your Hulu screens for free, without any costs involved.

Install the Hulu Ad Skipper Chrome Extension

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If you use the Google Chrome browser or any of the Chromium-based browsers such as Brave, Opera, and Microsoft Edge to stream on Hulu, you can install the Hulu Ad Skipper Extension. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Hulu Ad Skipper. Add the extension.

The Ad-blocking extension will automatically skip through the ads when you watch on Hulu. Other ad-blocking software includes Enounce MySpeed, Blokada, and Adblock Plus.

Watch Hulu Using your Brave Browser

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Brave is an ad-blocking browser that automatically detects ads on services. It will then block them before they show on your Hulu website.

If it does not work, you can edit it on your Brave browser settings.

  • On your Brave browser, go to the Settings menu.
  • Navigate to the Shields option.
  • Look for Trackers & ads blocking and toggle it to Standard or Disabled.

Reload your Hulu Video

You may know ahead how long the ad is going to show on your Hulu TV show or movie. If it takes may take too long, you can reload the video to eliminate the ads. It can also reduce the advertisement time.

If none of these methods and workarounds work for you, your only option is to upgrade your Hulu plan to eliminate commercials and enjoy Hulu uninterrupted.

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Did any of the solutions remove the Hulu ads? Which one did? You can tell us in the comment section below.

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