How to Sign Up & Get Hulu Live TV without Disney+ & ESPN+ Bundled

Bundle deals are such a great steal, especially if the bundle includes all your favorite streaming services. This is why Hulu Live TV users are glad that it comes bundled with Disney+ and ESPN+.

However, some users don’t like the bundle deal for whatever reason. Read on below to learn how to sign up and get Hulu Live TV without Disney+ & ESPN+ bundled

Can you Sign Up and Get Hulu Live TV without Disney Plus and ESPN Plus Bundled?

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Yes, you can sign up and watch Hulu Live TV content without Disney Plus and ESPN Plus bundled. However, take note that the saving is quite minimal that it might not be worth it to subscribe to the Hulu Live TV plan alone.

The standard plan for Hulu Live TV costs $69.99 monthly. Aside from more than 85 live TV channels that come with the subscription as well as the related on-demand package, the primary package for Hulu Live TV also gives you access to ESPN Plus, Disney Plus with ads, and basic Hulu with ads. 

What Happens If you Only Sign Up and Get Hulu Live TV Alone without the Bundle?

Hulu Live TV is exactly that – it’s only Live TV. This package not just removes ESPN Plus and Disney Plus because it also doesn’t include the basic Hulu catalog, which includes all Hulu Originals. 

But again, remember that the main concern with the Hulu Live TV plan is that it will still cost you $68.99 monthly. What does it mean? It means that choosing not to get the bundle of Disney+ and ESPN+ will only let you save a meager $1 month.

How to Sign Up for a Plan and Get Hulu Live TV Only 

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Although Hulu offers a plan for Live TV only, the option is hidden from view. There’s no surprise there at all since the deal isn’t as good as the bundle. 

If you visit the official website of Hulu Live TV, new customers will just see a single available option. This is the standard Live TV package worth $69.99 bundled with Disney+ and ESPN+.

For those who only wish to sign up and get Hulu Live TV, you can go to Instead of the single plan advertised on the homepage of Hulu, the link will direct you to two options for Live TV plans for you to choose from. All you have to do is to choose the plan for Live TV Only worth $68.99 and then sign up the normal way. 

In case you already have an existing Hulu account, you can use your existing account details to sign in. But you have to note that if you’re an existing Hulu subscriber with either Live TV or basic Hulu, you might not see the option for signing up for the plan for Live TV Only. 

Bundles are not always great, especially if you have no intention of using other inclusions of the bundle. The good news is that you can easily sign up and get Hulu Live TV without Disney+ & ESPN+ bundled by following the process above.

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