Which is Better? FUBO vs YouTube TV when Watching NFL or Football Games

FUBO and YouTube TV have emerged as frontrunners in the streaming service race, especially for those looking to ditch traditional cable. They offer a plethora of channels, including those crucial for sports enthusiasts.

For anyone prioritizing live sports, particularly NFL and football games, the choice between these two services can significantly impact their viewing experience.

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FUBO vs YouTube TV: Price Comparison

FUBO and YouTube TV offer different pricing structures that cater to various viewing preferences. Understanding these differences is key to choosing the service that aligns with your budget and viewing habits.

FUBO’s base package typically costs more than YouTube TV’s single plan offering. This initial price difference can be a deciding factor for many.

However, it’s not just about the monthly subscription fee. Hidden fees can sneak up on you, altering the final cost.

FUBO, for instance, includes a Regional Sports Network fee, which might vary based on your location. This fee isn’t always obvious when signing up but can affect your monthly bill.

The concept of ‘value for money’ comes into play when comparing the dollar-to-channel ratio. FUBO might charge more, but it also offers a larger number of channels, including a wide array of sports channels.

YouTube TV, while cheaper, provides a more streamlined channel lineup. This difference is crucial for viewers who prioritize variety over cost.

FUBO vs YouTube TV: Channel Lineup and Variety

FUBO and YouTube TV differ significantly in their total number of channels. FUBO generally provides a broader range, especially in sports channels. This abundance caters to sports enthusiasts who crave a variety of live sports coverage.

In terms of key sports channels, each service has its strengths. FUBO shines with its extensive local sports coverage and specialty sports networks. They’re a go-to for NFL fans and those who follow regional sports closely.

YouTube TV offers channels like NBA TV and NFL Network in its basic package, appealing to a different set of sports fans.

Local channel availability is another crucial aspect. Both services provide major networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, ensuring you won’t miss out on local news or events. However, only YouTube TV includes PBS in its lineup, which might be a deciding factor for some viewers.

This difference highlights the importance of checking which local and national channels are most important to you before making a decision.

FUBO vs YouTube TV: Sports Channel Coverage

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Sports fans often have specific channels they can’t do without, and this is where the differences between FUBO and YouTube TV become more apparent. FUBO excels in offering a wide range of sports channels, including NFL, NBA, and MLB networks. This makes it a strong contender for those who follow multiple sports leagues.

Regional sports networks are another area where FUBO stands out. They provide comprehensive local sports coverage, which is vital for fans who follow their local teams closely.

YouTube TV, while offering some regional sports networks, doesn’t match FUBO’s extensive coverage in this area.

Both services offer extra options when considering additional sports packages but at different costs. These packages allow viewers to tailor their viewing experience according to their sports preferences, whether it’s college sports, international soccer, or niche sports.

YouTube TV’s offering of NFL Sunday Ticket starting from the 2023 season is a significant draw for NFL fans. This exclusive content, while an additional cost, gives YouTube TV an edge for those whose primary interest is football.

This feature adds significant value, especially for viewers who don’t want to miss any NFL action.

FUBO vs YouTube TV: Cloud DVR Features

The Cloud DVR feature is a critical aspect for many viewers, allowing them to record their favorite shows and games. FUBO offers a generous 1,000 hours of DVR storage. This ample space is great for heavy users who record a lot of content, but it’s important to remember that not everyone needs this much space.

YouTube TV gives you unlimited storage. This might sound fantastic, but there’s a catch – recordings expire after nine months.

This limitation means you can’t keep your favorite games or shows indefinitely, which might be a downside for some.

The convenience of a DVR feature depends on how you watch TV. If you’re someone who likes to save and revisit old games or shows, FUBO’s indefinite storage might be more appealing.

But if you’re always looking for the next big game or show and don’t mind the nine-month expiration, YouTube TV’s unlimited storage could be a better fit.

FUBO vs YouTube TV: 4K Streaming Capabilities

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4K streaming is a feature that’s gaining traction for its high-quality viewing experience. FUBO offers 4K streaming as part of its Elite Plan. This plan is a bit pricier, but it includes select events in stunning 4K HDR, such as English Premier League games, some MLB games, and various college sports.

On YouTube TV, 4K streaming is available through an add-on called 4K Plus. This option comes with an additional monthly fee.

The first year offers a reduced price, making it a tempting choice for those eager to try 4K without a hefty commitment.

The events available in 4K vary between the two services. FUBO’s focus on specific sports events in 4K might appeal to fans of those sports.

YouTube TV’s 4K Plus, meanwhile, provides a broader range of 4K content, not just limited to sports.

FUBO vs YouTube TV: User Interface and Experience

The user interface, essentially how you interact with the service, is a crucial part of your streaming experience. FUBO and YouTube TV both strive for user-friendly interfaces, but they have different approaches.

FUBO’s interface is designed with sports fans in mind, making it easy to find live sports and upcoming games.

YouTube TV, in contrast, has a more general approach. Its interface is clean and straightforward, making it simple for users to find their favorite shows or channels. This universal design appeals to a broader audience, not just sports enthusiasts.

Personalization is where these platforms truly stand out. FUBO allows users to tailor their experience, highlighting their favorite sports or teams. This personal touch ensures that the content you care about most is always front and center.

YouTube TV offers a similar level of personalization, with recommendations based on your viewing habits. This feature makes it easier to discover new shows and ensures that your favorites are never more than a few clicks away.

Multi-stream capabilities are another aspect to consider. FUBO offers more simultaneous streams within the household, a boon for families or shared households. YouTube TV, while offering fewer streams, still provides enough for most small families or individual users.

FUBO vs YouTube TV: Additional Features and Benefits

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Exploring the additional features of FUBO and YouTube TV reveals more about what each service uniquely offers.

Features like picture-in-picture and multi-view are standout aspects of FUBO. These allow users to watch multiple games or shows at once, a big plus for sports fans who want to keep an eye on several games simultaneously.

Lookback features are another interesting aspect of FUBO. This allows viewers to watch games and shows that aired in the past few days, even if they weren’t recorded. It’s a handy feature for catching up on missed events without needing to plan ahead with recordings.

Family sharing and simultaneous streams are areas where both services shine but in different ways. FUBO offers more streams at once, making it ideal for larger households or families where multiple people want to watch different things at the same time.

YouTube TV, while offering fewer simultaneous streams, still provides enough for a typical family. This makes it a solid choice for small families or couples. The ability to have multiple profiles under one account also personalizes the experience for each family member.


Choosing between FUBO and YouTube TV for NFL and football games really boils down to what you’re looking for. If a wide array of sports channels is your top priority, FUBO’s your go-to. But YouTube TV could be the better pick if you’re leaning towards a mix of sports and general content, plus the comfort of a familiar brand.

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