Fix ITVX Error ‘Sorry This Video Isn’t Available Right Now’

ITVX is a UK streaming service. You can access this free or pick a Premium subscription for more channels. You can watch on the ITVX app through your mobile phone, Smart TV or streaming media player as it is available on multiple devices, so you can enjoy streaming anytime.

Unfortunately, ITVX is region-locked. If you choose to use the free subscription, you can not use it if you are not from the UK. But keep hope! You can still enjoy ITVX if you use a VPN, though there are some reminders you have to be aware of. Make sure that your VPN is compatible and not blocked by ITV. And it must also keep your IP address a secret.

However, you will still encounter streaming errors with this widely recognized and available streaming platform. One standard error is, “Sorry, this video is not available right now. Check out our Shows section for more great programmes. [01-01]” or “Not available – Sorry, this show is not available right now. Error code: 01-01”


Why does ‘Sorry, this video is not available right now’ error happen? 

This issue frequently occurs when the client uses a proxy, VPN, or SmartDNS service. ITV may already identify your VPN. It is frustrating because this error doesn’t explain why it’s restricting your access. It only gives the impression that the content you’re attempting to see is not available right now, which is untrue.

Users must be cautious about using VPN because not all are compatible and can access ITV. When you are from abroad, sometimes, instead of the error, you will be forced to watch specific TV shows on an STV player. 

Why is the VPN not working on ITVX (Formerly ITV Hub)? 

  • ITV can tell from your traffic patterns that you’re using a VPN.
  • Thanks to your cookies or device cache data, ITV is aware of your location outside the UK.
  • Your IP address is being leaked by the VPN you are using. ITV noticed a discrepancy between your IP location and GPS position.
  • ITV has blocked the VPN server you are utilizing.

How to Troubleshoot Issue & Fix Sorry This Video Isn’t Available Right Now Error on ITVX App or Website

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Clear your Browser’s Cookies and Cache Data 

  • Open your browser
  • Click the three dots on the top right corner 
  • Click more tools 
  • Click clear browsing data 
  • Select the boxes of cookies and cache.
  • To delete everything click All time 
  • Then click Clear data. 

Change the Server Location if you are Using a VPN Service 

You have a lot of choices because there are a lot of UK servers available in the market if you are outside of the region and want to access geo-restricted TV show content and streaming platforms. 

  • Open your VPN app
  • Then visit the ITVX website 
  • Create your account 
  • Connect to a British VPN Server
  • Open the ellipsis icon to view all UK server locations.
  • Then choose from there. 
  • To ensure that the ITVX platform recognizes your new IP, refresh your ITVX screen.
  • To watch your preferred British programming, keep going through the process.

Contact your VPN Provider

If ITV is blocking your VPN, the staff can tell you immediately if there are particular servers designed for unblocking ITV. 

Choose Another Suitable VPN Service for ITVX

You can try from this list:

Check your Antivirus 

Antivirus can cause trouble as well. Try disabling it for a few minutes. Then open ITVX; if you can stream now, the antivirus program was the issue.

Other Troubleshooting Methods for Fixing ITVX Problems

  • Open your browser in an incognito window so ITV can not track you.
  • Check to see if IPv6 and DNS leak prevention is turned on. 

Were you able to resolve the ITVX app error related to your VPN service? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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