How to Watch Sony Bravia Core 4K Blu-ray Streaming Service

A new platform is making its way into the saturated market of streaming, and it has something to offer. Sony recently announced that it is launching its own streaming service called Bravia Core. Now, users will have another option when it comes to binge-watching their favorite shows.

What is Sony Bravia Core

Credit: Sony

According to Sony, Bravia Core integrates the company’s Pure Stream technology. That means video streaming is up to 80 Mbps. Users will experience higher picture quality with near lossless 4K UHD quality than the 4K Blu-ray discs.

Bravia Core also has access to the IMAX Enhanced collection. You can enjoy watching remastered IMAX pictures with excellent sound quality by DTS. Plus, users will have unlimited time streaming from a wide selection of movies and shows.

How to Get and Stream the Sony Bravia Core Streaming Service

Credit: Sony

If you are interested on the blu-ray quality streaming picture that the Bravia Core offers, all you have to do is purchase a Sony Bravia XR TV, the higher end of the series. Bravia Core comes pre-installed on all Bravia XR smart TVs, including the 4K and 8K models. The streaming service is also available when you buy in Bravia XR Master Series A90J and Z9J, and Bravia XR A80J, X95J, and X90J.

Once you purchase a Sony Bravia smart TV, you will also get credit vouchers that you can use to stream titles on Bravia Core.

Credit: Sony

Streaming on Sony Bravia Core will give you access to hundreds of HD movies, from blockbuster hits of decades before to the latest releases. Expect a binge-watching experience of your favorite titles from morning till night.

Bravia Core also gives its viewers an exclusive premiere of its Studio Access. Now, you will see the creation of different movies and shows. There will be behind-the-scenes sessions, extra footages, and interviews with your favorite stars.

What’s more, Sony will let you know the inspiration behind its new streaming service. You can watch videos and interviews with the leaders behind Bravia Core.

What do you think of Sony’s Bravia Core streaming service? Are you excited to try it out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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